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Once Upon a Hallow's Eve

​As one final vacation before their second-to-the-last college semester ends, 20-year-old graduating student Cara Lee and her friends decide to go to a rest house up in the mountains. However, along the way, a minor landslide knocks her unconscious, and when she wakes up, she finds herself alone in a dark and scary forest. Looking for shelter, she finds a strange and haunted-looking mansion looming up ahead. Is there really more to the mansion that it seems, or will Cara Lee uncover something sinister about the house and its inhabitants?
- renameableImageA 20-year-old graduating student in college. The protagonist of this story.

VIKTORImageEven though he’s only 23 years old, Viktor has made it his responsibility to take care of his two “baby” brothers. Viktor can be sort of a joker and a prankster at times. He can be pretty stern to his siblings, however. He may always have a warm smile on his face, but could there be something dark that he's hiding from the world?

VONNImageVonn is the second of the brothers at around 22 years of age. He tends to be a grump about everything, but he does have a sweet and funny side to him. He’s rarely a talkative person, but when he does talk, it can be pretty hard to shut him up. Could there be a deeper reason why he's driving our protagonist away from their home?

VERNImageAt 19 years old, Vern is the youngest of the brothers. He’s actually a friendly guy, but he’s too shy to show it at first. Like his oldest brother though, he likes jokes and funny punch lines. A lot. At first he didn’t want Cara Lee’s presence in his home, but he warms up to her, eventually. But as the saying goes, still waters do run deep.

CREDITS:Script: RanSprite & CG Art: eruminProofreader: DreamgazerSpecial Thanks: Natasha, sasquatchii

Category : Simulation

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