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OrcWar Clash RTS

Orcwar RTS is the best strategy game for Mobile
12 Missions in SinglePlayer for this rts.

Create your army with 9 types of characters:
- Peon allows to collect the Gold or to cut some wood
- Warrior will protect you from attacks opponents in the hand-to-hand fights.
- Archer send arrows on your opponents
- Brut will resist more than your Warrior and will impose more powerful knocks
- Gort use 2 weapons to attack and fastest
- Tank cashes the knocks as the person
- Spy allows to explore quickly
- Mage sends spells on your opponents
- Kaz is the most crazy, he blows up on your opponents, a real Kamikaze

Create your buildings to improve your village:
- Hute allows to shelter your units, every Hute can contain 15 units
- Tower is a tower which will protect your village of the enemy attacks.
- SawMill will allow you to unlock Archers and Tank.
- Cauldron will bring to the unlock magician
- Forge to create strong Orcs

Clash of Orc RTS

Category : Strategy

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