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org play

* electric organ playing application with virtual organ
* Enjoy the music
Β  features
* lifelike sound
* multitouch feature is available
* Includes 13 audio*
* Have funsimplesoft

Category : Music & Audio

Reviews (29)

Ner. J. Oct 3, 2018     

I'm so happy with this app

key. a. Nov 3, 2019     

Its freaking delayed!

Mim. May 27, 2016     

This app is only a little orgin as you only see the keys and its only in the middle section, I mean you cant make the notes higher or lower. I downloded this app and I dident look at the revews first, bad choise. Listen to the outhers who say this app os bad because it is and thats all I have to say.

Aad. S. Feb 24, 2017     

It sucks soooooooooooooooooooo bad get pianist yesss thats the app

Liq. S. Aug 15, 2015     

It's great if you want an organ though

8:1. p. Oct 28, 2017     

I cannot access to any of the other settings of this appπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Hug. R. Nov 18, 2015     

This is a full of nothing

Tas. R. Jul 1, 2017     

Just a keyboard, nothing as advertised

Bha. s. Jun 28, 2015     

this app very fuunn

Del. S. Oct 13, 2016     

Now there is another voice in my instrumental choir.

UWU. a. m. u. g. t. u. Nov 16, 2016     


Ale. a. b. m. Oct 20, 2016     


A. G. u. Jan 31, 2017     

Very bad app

Dan. W. Jan 26, 2016     

I downloaded this all expecting a good piano but all there was is a horrible ticking sound don't download it😬

A. G. u. Jan 16, 2017     

Wow don't even wast your time downloading this it's the worst thing Ever! The music makes me go crazy like hell!!! And there's like nothing to it . What the hell!!!!!!!!

Mia. M. Mar 19, 2016     

I love playing music, and I also love playing the piano, but what I love more...is listening to music with my Family. πŸ‘ͺπŸ’–

A. G. u. Aug 5, 2015     

Full of advertise popups

chi. t. c. Feb 26, 2016     


A. G. u. Jun 13, 2017     

Not good only time westing

Ale. J. May 7, 2017     

I love this app you should get it

Sam. R. Sep 19, 2015     

Don't try to download..... Totally waste your data or nothing

Bry. D. Oct 7, 2015     

Feels the app sucks :(

Ana. S. Mar 6, 2017     

Don't buy this stupid app

Rap. P. Jun 3, 2016     

You were right this suck my data all zero because I of this app

Jor. H. May 29, 2015     

Not what the pics show

bal. 4. Sep 8, 2016     

I hate the organ sound

Gra. D. Oct 7, 2016     

It sounds terreble

Tha. G. K. Feb 5, 2016     


Dim. A. R. Feb 24, 2016     

I love it