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Org Pro 2018

Org Pro 2018: With Oriental Keyboard, you can play Western and Turkish music instruments from your Android tablet and from your phone. With this application; piano, guitar, electro guitar, law, tanbur, oud, violin, reverberation, reed, electro-bonding Ney, Mey, Jura, Clarinet, Sax Saxophone, Violin, Balaban, Rebab and Santür instruments quality. With Org Pro 2018, you will be able to record your own musical different instruments in mp3 and wav format. You can use the songs in your device as your infrastructure records. Added the ability to record microphone voice to the application. With this feature you can sing and record while playing. The microphone volume can be adjusted from the Volume Control Menu.

With Org Pro 2018, you can apply echo and equalizer effects to your instruments. You can set echo, room size, damping and width parameters, bass, mid, hi.

Org Pro 2018: Oriental Keyboard The only professional program you can play with all the Turkish music authorities thanks to the quarter note (coma) feature. You will learn the authorities with this application. In practice, there are adjustable comic notes used in Turkish Music. Uşşak, Saba, Hüseyni and so on. You can play the Turkish Music authorities with quarter notes in this application. You can adjust the coma values ​​of the notes from 1/9 to 9/9, -1/9 to -9/9 from the menu.

The application is a digital keyboard (ORG) view. It has key sensitivity. When the key is touched hardly, a loud sound is produced. When softly touched, a louder sound is produced. Org Pro 2018: Oriental Keyboard, 63 new Turkish art music, Turkish Folk Music, Arabic, wah, pop, slow pop, bendir, 5/8, 6/8, 2/4, 4/4, 7/8, 9 / 8 (Novel) and mehter rhythms. You can adjust the tempo of the rhythms from 50% to 200%. You can set the number of keys (key widths) that appear on the screen from the menu. You can switch between octaves by moving the keys right and left on the screen. You can adjust the color of the control panel to red, blue, green and adjust it to millions of colors.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (3)

Mal. S. May 5, 2019     

This app crashed ad soon as i opened it . Dont waste your money or data on this junk

Ken. H. Sep 8, 2019     

Look my phone doesn't download apps like its supposed too

Wan. F. Feb 8, 2020     

best choice