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Organ Piano 2020

Enjoy playing your lovely chords and music notes for free, with this new organ piano 2020 you can play with single-row mode; chords mode, and start playing the piano without any lessons. Perform famous songs by tapping keys under falling keys/tiles in this magic piano org music game!

This real piano keyboard 2020 let you play different music sounds from a number of music instruments: bass, electric, guitar, flute, saxophone, electronic keyboard, chord, Grand piano, Bright Piano, Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Transpose, Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, Music Box, Organ, MIDI, Synthesiser, xylophone and harp.

There is no limit to the songs music that can be played using perfect org piano keyboard but we recommend you start with some simple songs. Start play your favorite songs, explore some brand new music or try out a classic organ piano. So enjoy by tapping random white and black keys in the magic piano keyboard!

This organ piano keys app has different musical MIDI instruments studio-quality that you can play it. You can find magical piano keys to relax and feel your pianist game soul!

You can listen to the intonation and tune your guitar, Piano keyboard, Grand Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion, Electric Guitar, Harp, Cello Pizzicato, Vintage piano and other musical instruments. Organ 2020 is the best virtual piano app for you!

This amazing ORG Piano 2020: The best piano music recorder & virtual and perfect instrument app for piano hobbyist, who loves piano music instruments, Enjoy by tapping random white and black keys in the magic keys.

Organ piano keyboard: is not only a realistic piano and musical instruments but also specially designed to enable you to play a piano songs in any speed, smoothly and effortlessly.

Organ piano app has feature of recording any music you play & you can start play it at the same time with just a click of record button. Magic electric piano keyboard simulator game has a inbuilt music player which will be used to play the piano music you recorded.

-Free amazing piano/organ game
-Piano record feature
-Sample Recorder & Track Replayer
-Awesome piano keyboard
-Different piano keyboards and musical instruments
-Single piano keyboard
-Two Piano Key Types
-Electric keyboard simulator
-Magic piano music game
-Single-row mode; Chords mode
-Simulate KORG keyboards with: Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Transpose, Octave, Balance, Mix Tune, Split, Chord Memory..

No matter how mix and complex the melody is, organ piano can handle it. With the function of multi-touch, you can touch several piano keys at the same time, which helps to produce complex rhythms, to make outstanding songs music.

ORG piano helps to develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity as well as motor skills, in order to create awesome songs without any piano skills, or piano lessons.

Organ piano 2020 is amazing game created especially for young, teenager, girls, kids and parents to enjoy play musical instruments, wonderful songs, exploring different sounds and develop musical skills.

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Have Fun:)

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Reviews (14)

Noe. C. D. A. May 18, 2020     

No continuous sequence of notes. No organ tone at all. Absolute misleading title.

BS. G. May 18, 2020     

Very easy to play. Connect tablet to an external sound system and it sounds real!

Luc. J. Z. Sep 7, 2021     

I already have a piano but its broken so good game useful for people who don't know how to play the piano 🎹🎹🎹🎹 I love this game keep up the good work and noice game:)

SHA. K. Jul 17, 2020     

It is a real monster 😂 when I turn it off it started to play music....scared ....

Wan. S. Aug 29, 2020     

Useless advertising apps

Dom. T. Aug 30, 2020     

Very interesting and educated

D.k. C. F. Apr 11, 2020     

Useful for beginners. Appreciate doing this for free

Ric. W. Apr 24, 2020     

fun having a great time

roo. 1. Feb 2, 2020     

Only 3 tones

Leo. G. Jul 4, 2020     

Expected it to be an organ with piano keys

Mr.. C. May 22, 2022     

Tony vs Suction Hose 8:15.

FF. g. Nov 24, 2019     

Not that much

san. S. Apr 23, 2020     

Is this game instrument

How. L. Mar 11, 2020     

Intuitive - NOT