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OS 10 iCallscreen:Phone 7

Dialer is important part of the any type of smart phone or mobiles. If your dialer keypad or whole incoming caller pad and outgoing caller pad is nice and beautiful looks and attractive look then every body will think once about your color and unique caller dialer screen.
Personalize your mobile phone is very trendy. If your family, friends or coworkers are trying to contact you, you definitely need to customize each group make it fancy or professional. ??

Setting up a HD portrait or any other picture for each of your contacts is very easy to do. Don’t be mainstream and have the same imagen form for each person. All the background of the caller display are configurable.

Get a cool full screen Caller ID, dialer screen as similar to OS9,OS10 in Phone 6 and Phone 6S,Phone 7, now in your android smart phones. Download i Call screen Free + Dialer app and enjoy the i call screen and Phone 6S calling features..!! Receive and give a call in a similar manner you do in an Phone.Cool Features:

- Use OS10 Phone 7 and Phone 7S call screen theme on your android phone-Very small in Size just 5.5 MB.-Replace the old calling screen with the True HD pictures of our i call app.-Customize the theme as it suits you.-International Number Format available.-Very easy to understand user interface.-Awesome Graphics that are very similar to the OS10.-Select image of your choice for the background.-Compatible with all android smartphones.

And a lot more..!

The application is very easy to use and customize the theme as per your requirements and comfort. As you complete installation of the application open it and you will be able see a very user-friendly application. Soon after the completion of the installation the default OS10 theme for call screen and caller ID is set ready for use. You can check it by giving a call from other phone to yours.

So what are you waiting for..?? Download this cool Full Screen Caller ID app to use the OS7, Phone 5S, Phone 6 & Phone 6S,Phone7 themes on your android phones and make your friends go crazy seeing Phone 6S Call Screen on your Android! Do not forget to suggest this cool icallscreen app to your friends and make them a part of this fun..!!

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Reviews (10)

gau. p. Sep 30, 2016     

Also button not work while exit application

Nit. M. T. Oct 25, 2016     

Not working when screen lock

Kas. R. Oct 8, 2016     

I dont know if it will work on a Android so i put 1 star

Ann. M. V. Oct 8, 2016     

Stops working when incoming call comes.

anu. a. Oct 6, 2016     

Not working in. Micromax canvas.

Ala. R. Sep 26, 2016     

Love all of you its a great app

A. G. u. Oct 6, 2016     

I love it

Lui. S. Apr 2, 2017     

Would be better if there wasn't any ads.

A. G. u. Nov 3, 2016     

I love it

Ara. R. L. Sep 28, 2016     

Rahul Lohave goverekshan