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OS9 Phone Dialer

Features:1. Fast T9 Photo Dialpad.2. Recents and Missed Calls logs.3. Call blocker to block calls.4. Hide Caller ID for your Privacy on incoming calls.5. Slide to Show Private Number's Caller ID.6. Speed Dial to quick call and easy setup using # key long press.7. Outgoing and Incoming interfaces with Full Screen Caller ID.8. Keypad Touch sounds.9. Add or Edit Contacts with simple interface.10. Settings to Turn on/off features.11. Dual SIM Management.and much more...
Skills:1. Long Tap # to setup speed dial contacts or go to settings for setup screen.2. Enter number and Tap or Long Tap on number area on dialpad to go through T9 search contacts.3. Tap on dial button to fill last dialed number to call quickly.4. Go to contact details to add favorite contact, Hide or Unhide Caller ID or to Block or Unblock Contact.5. Turn on/off call blocking and private number service from settings by keeping individual contact setting as it is.

Incoming and Outgoing interface delay time is customizable. you can set delay time according to your smartphone's compatibility.Note:Android development kit is not supporting complete replacement of outgoing and incoming interfaces for now. So, in case you are not satisfied with these interfaces then you can turn off and can use as a normal Phone Dialer App and still can enjoy rest of the app. Good support to this simple phone dialer helps me to give more free updates.

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

Fae. Z. Dec 4, 2018     

It look similar iphone. And it working well.. Just some time, it forced stop suddenly. Need improvememt stability.

A. G. u. Nov 5, 2018     

I just love the display and simplicity in it. Easy to use, the numbers are clear and bigger.

LG. Jan 28, 2019     

a lot of works to do, end call button doesen t work, keybord option during call doesen t work, half button are fake, please fix and the app can be nice

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2018     

Nice app but the problem is that the dialer is not as original iphone dialer.I am very upset about it. But the rest are ausome.They can do changes in the dialer.Lovely app. I liked it

Car. W. Nov 13, 2018     

I love this app. It's easy to get to ur contacts n recent calls. Way better than other apps I've used

pra. k. Jan 21, 2019     

interface is good but it does not cut the call which was dialled despite tapping it several times

A. G. u. Feb 10, 2019     

Nice but it need manually setting to allow works

Oup. P. M. Nov 4, 2018     

It's a good app just hate the adverts

Sak. p. B. Oct 9, 2018     

It's awesome if u want to change your daily dialer look

Man. R. G. Jan 14, 2019     

Caller screen keypad not work

Bal. K. Dec 9, 2018     

Just wanted to get some more better but this is just awesome thanks team

DJ. R. Sep 13, 2018     

Don't need any ads

A. G. u. Oct 3, 2018     

It slowly if u can improve tht

Muh. A. Jan 11, 2019     

cannot answer incoming calls!

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2018     

It shows me unfortunately phone has been stopped

A. G. u. Oct 25, 2018     

Welldone great work i am fullsatisfide in this application

Aka. K. Oct 30, 2018     

It is very easy to use

Beb. l. Z. H. E. Dec 27, 2018     

thanks for us this dialer is awesomeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

A. G. u. Oct 20, 2018     

It is a very good phone

Pla. t. Oct 30, 2018     

All I can say is that its good

A. G. u. Oct 9, 2018     

Very nice it is very very good

Sam. B. Oct 2, 2018     

Worst App I Have Ever Seen.... Most Useless App

A. G. u. Dec 24, 2018     

best best and most best app

Div. G. Jan 5, 2019     

nice but hanging....! why ??..πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

A. G. u. Sep 18, 2018     

Best call screen app

ΛΛD. C. Jan 2, 2019     

I am doing this not to see the rating pop up again.

Pau. T. Oct 29, 2018     

It works fine on my CAT S60

A. G. u. Nov 26, 2018     

this app is not orignal aap but this is my bes app

A. G. u. Nov 25, 2018     

It is very great app

Bab. A. Feb 3, 2019     

nice app i love it