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Overlay News for Google TV

News headlines are periodically displayed over live TV as a banner at the bottom of the screen of your Google TV device. It can be configured to get the headlines from your favorite news web sites.
- Latest news over live TV
- View selected news in Chrome
- Configurable settings on how frequently news is displayed
- Support for sharing sites from Chrome
- Pre-configured with popular news sites

- To view current headline in Chrome: Press the OK button when the headline is displayed and the associated web page will be displayed.
- To view the list of configured sites: Click on the "View Sites" button in the Overlay News app
- To add a site from Chrome: Load the site in the Chrome browser on Google TV. Press the Menu button and select "Share page".
- To manually add a news site: Press the "Add Site" button in the Overlay News app and enter the URL for the news web site.
- To add a RSS feed: Press the "Add Site" button and enter the URL for the RSS feed.
- To remove a news site: Click on the "View Sites" button to view all the sites. Select and long-click the site you want to remove.

- This app requires permission to retrieve running apps. This is to check if the live TV is active to avoid showing the news when the user is navigating other parts of Google TV.Internet
- To upload analytics.

If you're having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT US at overlaynews@entertailion.com BEFORE RATING, so we can help you out and improve the App
- your feedback really does help. We can't respond to reviews or comments.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (3)

Mik. P. Sep 22, 2013     

Great news reader. You can add whatever news service you want by entering their web address! I have tmz, drudge report, espn, bbc, tech meme, and cnn installed. Each "news" organizations headlines run for 10 secs on the 1/2 and every hour with updated and current headlines. Great for keeping current. Also just hit the enter button on a headline and it brings you to that story in the Chrome browser.

Jus. N. Jul 13, 2013     

Sure, there are times when it interrupts a movie or something, but that's the purpose! Set it to the RSS feeds you love and it'll never get boring or old.

Jes. J. May 1, 2014     

its coo, seems like its good stuff for most part