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Pablo Escobar: Drug Trader

Pablo Escobar: Drug Trader is a free drug dealing, trading, and clicker game where you can become one of the richest millionaires on Earth!
Retrace the footsteps of the infamous Pablo Escobar as he made his early fortune. Can you do better? Multiple endings reward you for how well you cook, fight, trade, hire crew members, upgrade your RV, and use your RV's stations with clicker/idle mini games.

Part drug dealer simulator! Visit cities across Escobar's Colombia, fight off the mob, and supply political conventions!Part business simulator! Trade goods across Colombia and capitalize on random events.Part clicker / idle game! Hire crew members to cook, rob junkies, and boost your engines.And more! Unlock outfits, new crew members, and new drug recipes until you’ve found every ending!

Pablo Escobar: Drug Trader is a free drug game, business simulator, and idle/clicker game I hope you love! I’m always trying to improve and would love to hear your feedback on the game and what you want to see from,business simulators, trading games, and idle/clicker games!

Finally, this is just a game. Please do not consider this to be an endorsement of Pablo Escobar's drug dealing life or gang culture – thank you for your time!

Category : Strategy

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