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Pathfinder Spellbook

Version History:
- Fixed a couple of crashing issues, sorry for the inconvenience!
- Fixed crashing issue when certain spell levels were expanded
- Fixed crashing issue when favorites were marked (resulted from same issue as above)

- Added material from Ultimate Magic
- Fixes Oracle spell list so that it also includes Cleric spells
- Resist Energy was missing and should be available now

- App released

This app provides convenient access to the spells currently available from the Pathfinder Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide, and several other sources. Additional features:

- The ability to filter spells by school, types of saves allowed, casting time, etc.
- Select your favorite spells and view them in the favorites window

Thanks to the Pathfinder SRD for providing the spell data!


This app is currently in beta, feel free to shoot me an email if you encounter any issues you'd like resolved.


NOTE: When you load spells for the first time or when the app is updated, it may take a minute or so to initialize the database. Thanks for your patience!

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