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Pay with Rewards

AvailabilityMasterCard Pay with Rewards ™ is only available for select MasterCard cards. Please check with your financial institution for availability.What is MasterCard Pay with Rewards?MasterCard Pay with Rewards ™ allows you to use your rewards to reimburse purchases at millions of participating locations worldwide. This app allows you to connect an eligible MasterCard card and configure when and where your rewards will be redeemed for purchases. Your original purchase and corresponding Pay with Rewards credit will appear on your card statement.How Do I Get Started?Connecting your card to the Pay with Rewards app is simple and secure:• Enter any one of your participating MasterCard card numbers and establish a four digit app PIN. The PIN you select will be used by the app to protect your personal settings and information. • Answer your security questions. Your questions are based on information your financial institution has on file. Select any one question from the list. Answers correspond to the information your financial institution has on file. If you have questions, please contact your financial institution.What’s Next?The home screen will show your rewards balance, the cash equivalent of your rewards balance, and your current Pay with Rewards status. Simply tap “turn on” (or “turn off”) to configure Pay with Rewards. Alternately, you can select “settings” in the lower menu to get started.

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