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pdf eBook Reader

Powerful and optimized pdf or epub reader. EBook Reader allows you to customize the way you read on a per book basis. EBook Reader provides you with features to split pages, automatically or manually crop margins and instantly zoom to a column's content.
EBook Reader supports the following ebook and document formats: Pdf, epub, mobi, txt, doc, etc.

Key Features:
- Search all pdf on device
- Cut white document borders
- Book and Page Thumbnails
- Auto fit your page view
- Scroll pages by finger tap on screen
- Bookshelf view
- Set screen orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Automatic
- Light theme and black theme
- Night Mode
- File Browser
- Full screen mode
- Links History, back to page
- Bookmarks on page
- Recent Books
- Book search results
- Configurable search directories

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Lok. G. Jun 6, 2019     

this app is cancer for you phone. it says that it can read pdf files, but it can't. You can't import specific files, it scans you entire phone to find epubs, and after the scan ends nothing happens. And i don't know what it was doing, but my phone started heating like crazy, all the apps started failing. This app can do nothing but show you ads, and I'm pretty sure that there's virus in it.

A. G. u. Oct 17, 2018     

It's best but there is one problem just need to give a manual brightness option so... We can get to change the brightness level as we want.

Elg. H. Feb 16, 2022     

No star at all. With the high rating, it can't even open a 2 page pdf

Ayu. K. Oct 2, 2018     

Its good support both pdf and epub but i think the app bit lag when i scrolling

Kau. L. Jun 29, 2019     

finally found something that can flip a PDF and not scroll

Abh. S. Jun 23, 2020     

very easy to use..and worth downloading it..you won't be disappointed

Rav. B. Jun 8, 2021     

Phone started freezing after opening this app..

gab. s. Oct 19, 2018     

Need to better adjust the page size

Ani. Dec 25, 2019     

Nice..easy to use and not complicated

Man. E. Dec 25, 2019     

best app I've had for reading epub books on my phone.

Dav. O. D. Apr 17, 2021     

Simple and efficient

Ujw. D. Aug 25, 2019     

Very useful n handy app Must try for E readers

Mob. h. w. C. Oct 26, 2018     

This app is good and all piteded are fite.

Moh. K. May 30, 2019     

Not easy to use!

A. G. u. Oct 3, 2018     

Good app for convert pdf to book

ANC. G. Dec 8, 2019     

It stopped every time.😡😡😡😡😡😡

Jos. A. Apr 6, 2019     

Great app easy to use

A. G. u. Oct 19, 2018     

I have only just started using the app. I have to use it more to get to know it.

Mic. D. Aug 10, 2019     

i thought it was gonna read it too me,lol. but its not bad for what it is..

Far. A. B. Mar 4, 2019     

good I hope it will be more updated in Future

Ban. P. Aug 24, 2019     

It was good but not understanding

Sah. S. Nov 4, 2018     

Please add setting to customize interface options.

amr. d. Jul 11, 2019     

it works very well. thank you

Phi. C. Aug 21, 2019     

Best for reading pdf

Log. J. Dec 5, 2018     

It wouldn't open the book I imported

A. G. u. Oct 1, 2018     

It is really helpful.

Nor. T. Oct 9, 2018     

I want to change background colour.

Aha. M. Apr 26, 2019     

very best app

F. T. Feb 9, 2019     

good now stop annoying me

Ali. B. Sep 2, 2021     

Awesome thanks a lot