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Perfect Me Lite - Body Shape Editor

Mobile data always running out when you use a camera? Are Apps laggy? Perfect Me Team presents the compact Perfect Me Lite body shape editor! Perfect Me Lite for Android gives you a lag-free photo editing experience in a tiny package. It's small in size but packs just as much power as its predecessor! Less storage and data are required, many of the important features of Perfect Me are available in the app, such as slimmer waist, enhance body, longer legs and thinner face.

【Perfect Me Lite Highlights】
- Small APK Size (less than7MB): Tiny, fast download and low storage use.
- Less mobile data required: Edit your portraits offline. No network required.
- A must-have body shape editor: Small in size, but packs more feature.

- Slim waist: make you skinny.
- Retouch body: enhance your body shape, you also can have a perfect curve.
- Stretch legs: make you tall and look like a runway model.
- Reduce face: beautify your face and make you more attractive

Perfect Me Lite is a lightweight body shape editor. It can help you reshape body curves to be more pretty! You only need a few simple steps, then you will have a perfect figure.

Download Perfect Me Lite and make your portraits perfect. Every one is a fitness model!

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