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PF RPG Reference Document

Browse the PFRPG Reference Document completely offline, with a five-level index with 17.000 choices, for a very fast consulting.PFRPG stands for PF Role Playing Game, the fantasy RPG by Paizo Publishing.The contents of the Reference Document are updated to 29 October 2013.There are also other feature:

• Multi-tab browsing
• Search System, with the ability to search for any word in the index.
• It is also possible to search trough "Quick search box" widget
• Search in page
• Bookmarks
• Support for large screen/honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich/tablet
• Five-level index, with over 17.000 choices
• Completely offline browsing--------------------------------------------------------------------|||||Important Notice||||||||||||For technical problems, I can not grant automatic updates directly from Google Play.

If you wish to have the latest updates(29/10/2013), you can install them via this link: http://www.dragora.net/apk/PFSRD.apkWARNING: you must manually uninstall the old application to install the updates.I also set up a mailing list to keep you updated on any releases: http://dragora.net/mailman/listinfo/pf_rpg_dragora.net--------------------------------------------------------------------

MAIN INDEX*************
* Core Rulebook *******************(0) Getting Started(1) Races(2) Classes(3) Using Skills(4) Skill Descriptions(5) Feats(6) Equipment(7) Additional Rules(8) Combat(9) Magic(10) Spell Lists(11) Spell Index(12) Prestige Classes(13) Gamemastering(14) Environment(15) NPC Classes(16) Creating NPCs(17) Magic Items(18) Glossary*************
* Advanced Guide *******************(19) Races(20) Base Classes(21) Core Classes(22) Prestige Classes(23) Feats(24) Gear(25) Spell Lists(26) Spell Index(27) Magic Items(28) New Rules*************
* Advanced Race Guide *******************(29) Core Races(30) Featured Races(31) Uncommon Races(32) Race Builder(33) Age, Height & Weight(34) Spell Lists*************
* Ultimate Combat *******************(35) Gunslinger(36) Ninja(37) Samurai(38) Class Archetypes(39) Feats(40) Mastering Combat(41) Vehicles(42) Variant Rules(43) Spell Index(44) Spell Lists*************
* Ultimate Magic *******************(45) Magus(46) Spellcasting Class Options(47) Mastering Magic(48) Feats(49) Words of Power(50) Spells(51) Spell Lists(52) Updates*************
* Ultimate Equipment *******************(53) Arms and Armor(54) Gear(55) Magic Arms and Armor(56) Rings, Rods, and Staves(57) Wondrous Items(58) Artifacts and Other Items(59) Appendix*************
* Game Mastery *******************(60) Planar Adventures(61) Settlements(62) Fast Play Ship Combat(63) Chases(64) Disasters(65) Drugs and Addiction(66) Haunts(67) Hazards(68) Sanity and Madness(69) NPC Boons(70) NPC Gallery*************
* Ultimate Campaign *************(71) Character Background(72) Downtime(73) Campaign Systems(74) Kingdoms and War*************
* Mythic Adventures *************(75) Glossary(76) Mythic Heroes(77) Mythic Feats(78) Mythic Spells(79) Mythic Spell Index(80) Mythic Spell Lists(81) Running a Mythic Game(82) Mythic Magic Items(83) Mythic Monsters*************
* NPC Codex *******************(84) Core Classes(85) NPC Classes(86) Iconic Characters(87) Appendix*************
* Bestiary 1, 2 and 3 *******************(88) Monster Introduction(89) Bestiary Monster Index(90) Bestiary 2 Monster Index(91) Bestiary 3 Monster Index(92) Variant Monster Index(93) Monster Cohorts(94) Animal Companions(95) Monsters as PCs(96) Monster Roles(97) Bestiary Encounter Tables(98) Monster Creation(99) Monster Advancement(100) Universal Monster Rules(101) Creature Types(102) Monster Feats

Changelog 1.3.8•Reference Update (Mythic Adventures)

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