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Dear reader If you are looking for an application to teach playing piano and musical instruments for mobile devices, you are welcome here where the application of Oriental Piano is what you are looking for, the application Oriental Piano provides you with the easiest way to help and ringtones and rhythms and Maqamat and help you make tunes in an easy and wonderful way!

Application oriental Piano for musicians whether amateur or professional and helps to play the most beautiful Arab and eastern rhythms by mobile and does not need the Internet to work.
It also contains oriental organs of Iraqi, Gulf, Turkish, Iranian and Kurdish rhythms in addition to various oriental rhythms.

The Oriental Piano works with about 15 of the musical instruments, namely piano, Oud, Guitar, string, Rababa, Mijuiz, Mizmar , trumpet, clarinet and others with real and very realistic sounds. You can also control the high and low piano sound and the sound of oriental rhythms that came with the app.

Org Oriental is the best application for those looking for learning the Maqamat and Eastern peace, where it contains features and specifications of the oriental music (quarter toon). , Alsikah and Saba) where there is inside the application 56 picture from which you can choose the maqam of any degree and will show signs indicating the scale of the maqam on the piano, which enables you to recognize and absorb the keys and tones of each maqam and any degree.

You can apply Oriental Piano by sending your music to the server where it will be reviewed and published in the training room that was good with the publication of the name of the musician under the name of the prestige so as to provide a large number of training instrumentals.

You can also apply the Oriental Piano to record the tunes that you play yourself and store dozens of palate and played at another time or played another tone such as a piano or the guitar or the lute and other musical instruments if you wish.

For the eastern rhythms we have developed 120 rhythms of the most beautiful eastern rhythms you can play alone or with the Kurds and normal speeds in order to help beginners to learn to play with the rhythm, and can quickly manipulate the rhythm through the buttons speed rhythm on the top left of the screen, including these rhythms (Ayoub, divided , Saidi, Khaleeji, Shaabi, Dabke, Samri, Gobi, Rumba, Katkefti, Bandari, Emirati, Dosari ... etc)

Org Sharqi application is a completely free application and works Offline does not require the Internet most likely except for the partial update songs likes and server songs that update almost daily.

Application Specifications:
It contains 24 piano keys for playing and the possibility of converting any button to the characteristic quarter tone.
It contains almost real sounds of slugs, oud, guitar, piano and others.
Contains the feature of recording and playing music and the possibility of storing dozens of music and play back later.
Contains the characteristic of teaching the eight basic eastern shrines and any key.
Contains the most beautiful oriental rhythms.
Control the speed of the rhythm and the low and high volume of the rhythm and music.
The most beautiful and easiest design for Graphics and design simplified uncomplicated.
It contains a training room on some famous Arabic and Western music.
You can upload your music on the server, where it will be published in your name in the training room if it is identical and good.
Add the Lake feature to the music sent by you to encourage the playlists to send the most beautiful

We are happy with your observations, we grow with your criticism .. We learn together, do not hesitate to leave your criticism or your observation in the comments and thank you for your comments.

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Reviews (14)

Ste. B. Dec 1, 2020     

This app is missing ENGLISH, please add an option to change language from Arabic to English, I really want to learn with this app it looks good.

Geo. T. T. Apr 24, 2021     

Nice app in general but i cant find any ways to use it on my midi keyboard, developper does this app have a midi option?

Edd. P. Nov 20, 2020     

Slow and shows ads after 30 seconds. Too greedy.

Gen. H. Aug 20, 2019     

it is a a learnful application it learn a lot of songs very well

K. Sep 29, 2020     

Horrible update filled with ads. Had to uninstall

hum. h. Sep 23, 2021     

Please provide the earlier version of org sharqy so I can download it. This updated version is really bad.

fam. A. Mar 23, 2020     

We use it to learn Maqamat, very helpful app.

Dim. S. Jun 1, 2019     

that's good thanks but it didnt instal inmytab

Abd. S. Aug 28, 2021     

It is amazing app Many thanks

محم. إ. Jul 22, 2019     

very usefull app

Ala. E. Sep 11, 2019     

Very good application

Gui. P. Apr 6, 2019     

thank u

ped. b. Mar 29, 2019     

Gonzalo own 5 thousand Dlls 2005 but somebody new as nd miguelito

Bod. S. Oct 22, 2020     

Very helpful app, love it.