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Play Anywhere allows you to play all the music bought through http://shop.playanywhere.com and other Play Anywhere® Affiliates.
With a fantastic simple to use interface, the award winning Play Anywhere® music player by CatchMedia turns your phone or tablet into a full music system. As you purchase music from http://shop.playanywhere.com and other PlayAnywhere Affiliates, the app automatically adds the tracks or albums to your device’s music library for playback.

Play Anywhere from Catch Media, Inc. gives you the freedom of playing your content anywhere, anytime!

Here's how it works:

You select your tunes (from a library of over 4 million tracks)

You can personalize the CD cover with pictures + a message

Upon completion of checkout, if the music was purchased for you, a coupon code will arrive allowing you to immediately access your music in your Play Anywhere account.

If you already have a Play Anywhere account
- you don't have to do anything! The music will already be there.

If you are purchasing the music as a gift, a coupon code will arrive with the CD, including instructions for downloading the app and enjoying the music.

Category : Music & Audio

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