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Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D

Do you like snakes? Play as a king cobra – and become the Cobra King! Slither around looking for your prey, hunt for eggs, but keep yourself alert – some animals could hunt for you!
The forest is full of dangers – wild fierce animals are everywhere! Fight against them, hunt for smaller ones, find eggs to maintain snake’s health rate and enjoy the life of a cobra! Realistic animal simulator for all snakes’ lovers! Enjoy Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D!

Try our great animal survival simulator in 3D for all ages! What is it like to be a snake, poisonous noble cobra? Get to know with Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D! Meet dangerous wild animals, attack them to stay alive or hide in bushes! Maintain anaconda’s health, energy and hunger rate to survive and have fun playing this animal simulator! Hunt for eggs, battle against predators and have fun! What could be more entertaining that being a poisonous snake?

Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D features:Live the life of a poisonous snake – deadly king cobraGreat animal survival simulator in 3DSurvive in the wilderness, hunt for eggs and animalsAvoid battling with aggressive forest animals
- they are ready to hunt you!Free survival mode

Slither around the forest to find a new prey for your poisonous snake! Hunt for eggs, battle against predators and explore the forest with this snake simulator in 3D! Avoid wild animals’ attack, it may kill your snake! Do you like survival games? Try
- Great animal survival simulator in 3D!Be a poisonous snake with this survival simulator! Hide deep in a forest or start a hunt! Try this Snake Survival Simulator 3D – welcome to the wildlife!

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