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Police Dog Secret Agent

Fanatic of police dog games? Try the latest of secret agent games with an exhilarating police dog simulator. Yes! We bring you the best mixture of police games with secret spy games. The gameplay surely takes police shooting games to an advanced level. You don’t see such story based gameplay of chasing criminals and controlling crime rate in typical secret agent games. In this hottest of police dog games, you have to identify bandits going rogue in the city as a trained professional cop dog. Live under the radar and take out enemy agents in one of the most challenging secret spy games. You might have played other police games but this police dog simulator game really stands out. Get POLICE DOG SECRET AGENT and start the endless fun of police shooting games.Features:• 10 thrilling police dog chase levels.• Awesome gameplay, quite distinct in police and thief games.• Option to select from a variety of real German shepherds for the fans of dog police games.• Impressive and intuitive on-screen police shooter controls for the lovers of both stealth games and secret agent spy games.• Realistic 3D environment, not typically seen in police dog criminals’ mission sensations.• Liberty to enjoy a game-play similar to an army spy dog operation with the combination of secret agent mission 3D games’ setting and shooter sniper games’ endless fun.• Impressive sounds augmenting secret agent stealth spy game experience.• Captivating HD graphics specially designed for police agent vs mafia games' theme.For sure police dog games were never such before. Get ready for an exciting addition to police games with counter shooting and chasing with the best police dog simulator. The game is all about becoming a silent hit-man in one of the most action packed secret agent games to appreciate the blended fun of police shooting games. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gun and show off your stimulating spying skills in POLICE DOG SECRET AGENT, the amazing tally to secret spy games.

Category : Simulation

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