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POLLY | Let's be honest.

Polly – Let’s be honest.

You want to know what your friends really think about you? – Ask them!

Imagine getting an honest answer to every question you ask?

Polly enables you to ask your friends questions in an exclusively private and protected digital room. You choose who can enter your closed groups and you choose, which group invitations you want to accept.

This is how it works: Create as many friend groups as you wish and start your own Polly sessions:

Who is your favorite pick to be your cellmate?
Which one of us would most likely become President?
Who is most likely to become Polly addicted?

The key: all questions are posed anonymously and are answered anonymously! Then it gets exciting: all those in the group get to see the results of the survey!
Deal with it! Or call your mom and start looking for new friends.

Digital safety first:
You can always resign from a group. If you do so, you will not be electable and you will have no access to the poll rating. A poll rating will never be made public. What happens in your closed polly groups, stays in your closed polly groups.
Any questions?!
Great, then you can start to download Polly for free. Just as long as supplies last.

Category : Communication

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Reviews (8)

Die. d. l. S. Apr 30, 2020     

The idea is pretty cool but the execution not so much. A few issues I've encountered so far: First of all, it's very slow to submit the selected user when answering questions. Also, probably related to the fist one, I managed to give myself a negative score when voting for myself (I guess that's a problem with the communication with the servers). Finally, I was randomly added to some group I didn't join. I really like the concept so I hope the app gets fixed. :)

San. A. Apr 10, 2020     

it's great game, but the choosing doesn't work and it sucks you need to spend points to vote yourself. Please fix the choosing.

Kha. G. Apr 19, 2020     

I didn't quite enjoy this app.

Teo. O. Feb 19, 2018     

Good app but is would be great if you could add a time limit so it automatically shows the results even if everyone doesn't answer.

The. Nov 29, 2017     

You should be able to vote for yourself in the ranking option and be able to add your own options to poll from instead of just yes or no !!

sha. Apr 16, 2017     

It was hard to add friends

Sha. 2. Aug 7, 2017     

It's lit

lit. f. Aug 15, 2017     

Its okay