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Powerball & MM Results

Need to check your Powerball or Mega Million lottery ticket quickly?

★ Latest and past Powerball and Mega Million draw results
- including a full prize breakdown so you always know how much you've won.

★ Save your numbers
- have them checked quickly and easily every draw.

★ Statistics
- including most frequent and most overdue numbers.

★ Notifications
- We'll notify you when the latest results are available. We'll also let you know how much the next Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpot is.

★ Number Generator
- generate up to 5 lines of random Powerball or Mega Millions numbers at a time.

★ Works Offline
- Past results are stored on your device, so you'll have access to them even when a connection isn't available.

★ The perfect app for CA lottery and FL lottery players to check their tickets

Upgrade to PRO and benefit from the following:

★ Save up to 50 Lines
★ No Ads! (Free version is Ad supported)
★ Browse all previous draw results (Free version is limited to 30 draws)

Please note:
- Tickets cannot be purchased from within the app.
- This app is not affiliated with the Multi-State Lottery Association or LotteryHUB in any way.

Disclaimer: Please check your powerball and megamillions tickets at an official outlet before discarding

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Reviews (30)

Al. S. May 21, 2019     

Seems to work as designer intended. I have 3 issues with it though. 1.) Limited to 2 lines of results (trial/free? version) 2.) You have to manually tell it how many lines to look for. 3.) Pro version is ridiculously priced and continuous. There is absolutely nothing about this app that should result in a monthly/yearly fee, especially the amount they are asking.

Man. S. Jun 18, 2021     

The app is far easier to use than the regular website, which gives rows and rows of winning numbers due to the several winning combinations, almost all of which are prizes for just a few bucks. Even better, the app did clearly show my ticket date, which answered my question about getting a winning ticket for a different day. The app gives straight answers. But it looks like many reviewers wanted an app that labeled their tickets as big winners, which is logical. Frequent buyers can't be smart.

Mik. K. Jan 5, 2022     

It can't just scan a ticket barcode and figure out if the ticket had won anything like the OLG ticket scanner in Canada. Totally manual. Might as well buy a newspaper and look up the numbers manually. EDIT: True, but you have to manually enter your ticket numbers (for one version of the app) and/or tell the scanner which draw it is, how many lines on the ticket, and whether you've played PowerPlay or DoublePlay. Too much manual input. I can scan a 6/49 or Lotto Max ticket in Canada with the OLG scanner app, and it figures all of that out from the barcode on the tickets.

T. B. Jun 24, 2021     

Used to work great. I could scan as many tickets as I wanted. Now, I can't even scan one. Says the camera needs permission, which it does. Junk app. No longer useful. Update: uninstalled, then reinstalled the app and it's working as it always has.

Cra. B. Oct 20, 2018     

Just another app trying to get into your wallet. Let's you scan two lines then wants you to pay monthly if you want to scan more. I only play lotto a few times when it gets huge. Not enough to buy something that I'd rarely use. It's flashy but not worth the price since I can use my eyes to see if I won.

Jam. V. Sep 18, 2021     

Not use friendly in the least. You have to upgrade to scan all 5 lines, it doesn't give you the ability to select which lines it is scanning. It could be useful if I decided to spend the money on it, but I am not willing to take that chance...and I am not going to 'Try it free' and be inundated with spam.

kni. P. Jan 18, 2020     

In what world do you think I should pay a monthly fee for a lottery app? That's obscene. I'll pay a one time fee, like $3 for your app but you're not Netflix. I couldn't even use this b/c it won't let you scan more than 2 draws at a time. Pointless to download.

Tra. P. Jan 20, 2021     

Only let's you scan 2 lines, have to pay to upgrade anymore. No way Jose. I'd rather have more ads and scan my 10 lines. It's not like the app isn't capable of scanning 10 lines, it's simply greed. I'll just do the old fashion way and circle my numbers. Deleted and disappointed.

Gra. B. May 17, 2021     

Check out the negative reviews before you install. There are a lot of states it can't read. And you only get 2 lines unless you upgrade. And there are ads. CA lottery had a free scanner that gave me my answer immediately.

Gan. S. Sep 11, 2021     

Well I figured out how to use this right and yes it worked, but darn didn't get what I was hoping for.. It's a bit difficult and yes even with ads it only let's you scan a few at a time. Remember it'll only give you results if you only scan the maximum amount of scans that it will allow you to scan if you try scanning more than that it won't work.

Chr. K. Apr 30, 2020     

I use to love this app. I would get all my tickets one line and scan them in and find out if I won. Now you have to take a pic crop it pick the date and then hopefully you put it in all correct you get an answer of you are a partial winner. Doesn't even tel you what you have won't anymore. I would discourage anyone from downloading this app now!

Mal. M. Oct 6, 2021     

Spent 5+ minutes trying to scan a Poweball ticket but it still couldn't. I thought maybe I had to upgrade to premium, so I did but it still couldn't scan the freaking ticket... So, I immediately unsubscribed as it's very expensive.

Lar. H. Oct 25, 2018     

Good app. Does what it says - which is scans tickets and gives you results. I had no issues with it. Didn't see a need to upgrade to pro. I was able to scan my 5 line tickets by being smarter than a brick. Enjoy!

Guy. H. Oct 22, 2018     

Not bad if you only buy 2 picks at a time. Not worth a monthly subscription unless your buying 3 or more picks a drawing. Which at that point you may have a problem.

Rob. W. Nov 13, 2018     

Double-dipping dev... has in-app ads on "FREE" version & limited to 2-ticket draws, then wants to charge monthly fee for "PRO" version to remove ads. Don't think so... uninstalled!

Lac. R. Feb 23, 2020     

The scanner is horrible. Good for 3 lines at max ans more than that it dosent work well. Plus if you want to scan more than 3 lines you have to pay either lile 3 bucks a month or opt for the year for like half that.

Art. S. Oct 22, 2018     

Fast and easy to use. The scanner works well for me because I only play 2 lines but you do have to subscribe to scan tickets with more lines. I love that it notifies me when the results are out too

Jef. J. Oct 12, 2019     

Works as described. I don't understand people who complain that people would work hard to create an application and expect some money for it for the pro version. I bought one ticket, and didn't feel like checking each number. This app did it for me for free. I have nothing to complain about. Thank you. Now I am going to return to work, which I do not do for free.

Pav. S. Sep 2, 2021     

Wont let u scan more than 2 lines without upgrading to "pro". You can actually get a free scanner, ad-free from the state that you're in.

Vic. I. Jan 16, 2022     

Doesn't actually work on OnePlus phones running Android 11 and above. It's been months but i recognize the app is being updated daily so it'll work one day, thank you tho :)

Sco. P. Jul 24, 2019     

Had this app for about 30 seconds. then deleted it. This app will only let you scan tickets with 1 line and 1 draw. anything more then this requires you to buy the pro version.

Ada. K. Aug 15, 2021     

What a smelly turd of an app. Nothing works like it should they force ads at inappropriate times and doesn't do what it says it will do. Forget about scanning several tickers unless you want to watch hours of ads to do so. Forget about this app.

M. B. Oct 21, 2018     

Brilliant app. I love how you can save your numbers and the notifications feature is really great. Very user friendly and a must have for Powerball players

Joh. L. Oct 11, 2020     

This app sucks. It limits you to 2 scans unless you pay for premium. It pretty much encourages you to to go the store and get covid. Way to keep with times lotto. Embarrasing!

Wil. S. Jan 16, 2021     

Can't scan more than 2 lines in the free version, no thanks! Don't need to pay for something like that when I can just go scan it at the local store with no nag screen

SAM. B. Dec 27, 2018     

I registered and paid for 15 lines for an entire year ending December 2019, but the app will not display my lines. The scanner keeps scanning and showing no results for my tickets.

Yef. K. Oct 24, 2018     

I think it would be ok to pay a few bucks for this app as for most apps. But monthly/yearly subscription model, really? Absolutely not worth it.

Tas. C. Aug 14, 2021     

Not thst good. Only let you scam ticket with 2 lines. If you bought more then 2 lines then they want you to upgrade and pay for that. Rubbish.

Mat. P. Feb 13, 2021     

Doesnt ever scan the ticket even when holding perfectly still. The only nice thing about it is that you can enter your numbers manually.

Bra. M. May 17, 2020     

Keeping track of thirty-five lines is so simple now. Love the scanner feature very accurate.