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Predator Pro

Predator Pro is a professional grade predator hunting toolkit designed to specifically work with the Bullet HP electronic call. Coyote hunters, fox hunters, and really anyone hunting predators of any kind will see the effectiveness of predator hunting with the Predator Pro mobile app.

Predator Pro by Convergent Hunting is designed to work in conjunction with the “Bullet HP” (special purpose Bluetooth controlled speaker/decoy) to help you get professional predator calling results. Together, the Convergent Hunting apps and Convergent Bullet HP, combine the latest in technology to provide you with a complete predator calling platform that is unique, versatile, all wrapped-up in a high performance package.

All predator hunting sounds packaged in Convergent Hunting’s Mobile Predator Calling Apps have been recorded in High Definition and are digitally mastered to provide you with sounds that will elicit responses from even the most wary animals.

This app is designed to be easy-to-use and powerful with expansion options so that you can continue to grow your sound library with the latest and greatest sounds as they become available.

Large buttons for sound playback and decoy control make using the apps in the field very easy. 4 programmable preset call buttons allow you to keep your four favorite sounds “front and center” for quick use.

A decoy button lets you easily control the Bullet HP’s decoy motor to further entice game into close range.

Standard volume control and playback interface keep things simple and easy to use. Hunting hi-tech has never been so easy, or powerful!

Predator Pro comes equipped with 50 FREE High-Quality Sounds that have been digitally mastered in High Definition!!!

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Reviews (30)

M. G. Dec 10, 2021     

Purchased the bullet call a few years ago. Thing was a cheap piece of junk and broke in the first month of use. I was able to use this app and play calls off my phone which actually worked a couple of times. Per the latest update I can no longer even do this. You have to either pair to the bullet or pay additional to use with another Bluetooth speaker or even just using phone speakers. Shady company with a bad product.

Leo. D. Nov 24, 2019     

Good sounds and simple interface, but lots of popping and crackling sounds coming through my speaker even when not playing any sounds. Reminds me of an old record player. My other apps don't do that. May uninstall it. Other than that it seems ok, but so annoying and afraid it will damage my speaker.

Roc. Y. Sep 26, 2021     

Great calls if you want to buy THEIR Bluetooth speaker. Since I wanted stereo, so I could spread my speakers, to afford more realistic sound in pig hunting applications, I chose a smaller, more affordable pair of Bluetooth speakers, that worked beautifully with this app until they upgraded and shut my speakers off. Not the least but impressed. Now I'm out the money I spent on the app, unless I upgrade to their speaker. Goodbye Convergance... -1 download!

Con. M. Apr 21, 2021     

Seems good so far. Calls have good quality, nice selection. Only thing it's missing is a timer feature between calls, eg you can set it to call, then pause for 15sec and then it calls again

Cor. w. Feb 2, 2022     

I hope this app shuts down ! You gotta pay 24.99 for each of there apps to use with your own Bluetooth speaker

Gar. G. Feb 3, 2022     

Not worth the download unless you want to pay 25$ to use your own speaker

Ben. S. Nov 7, 2021     

I purchased Preditor Pro and extra calls. It worked great until the app blocks all Bluetooth speakers other than their own $400 proprietary speakers. Why would I buy anything else from Divergent Technology who uses this exclusionary business practice? Now I am out of the money and what was a good calling app. How do I get a refund?

Mik. F. Oct 28, 2020     

On my phone, not sure if its everyone's, but it if emits a very high pitch tone that alerts any animal in the area of where you are... not very nice

Tim. P. Apr 20, 2019     

awesome just as is ... cals are perfect .. my first time uses with this app was with my bluetooth speaker . and calling one in was no problem

tra. r. Nov 24, 2021     

Absolutely RIDICULOUS that you have to pay 29 DOLLARS TO use this app on YOUR OWN Bluetooth device... you just guaranteed I will advise ALL of my hunting friends to go elsewhere for predator calls...

Rob. T. Oct 24, 2019     

Works great spunds easy to use. Very intuitive with app.

Kri. D. Oct 13, 2019     

I used this app with a bluetooth speaker and it worked great!

Sco. M. Jul 26, 2021     

This is a great tool for calling in predators, worked very well for me.

WAR. Dec 28, 2019     

Great Sound and easy to use

Mat. B. Oct 18, 2020     

Would be great if stupid pop-up on boot up would be closeable

A. G. u. Dec 24, 2016     

Combining this app with my hand calls. Still perfecting it but having success with coyotes. Just using the Bose speaker I got with my phone. It's not real loud but doesn't really have to be. I like that you can choose the sound but it doesn't play until you push "go". The preset buttons are excellent as well as the video feature(if I could only remember to use it). Overall, very well laid out and user friendly!

Fla. R. E. Jan 12, 2018     

Probably the best predator calling app out there. Great sound quality and a nice selection of sounds the only thing that I would like better is a little more valium. Just a little on the quiet side for me and were I hunt. LOVE IT OTHERWISE!!! GREAT JOB!!! MARV..

Dan. A. Sep 13, 2017     

First try called coyotes from 500 yds at night almost to back deck. Be prepared for what your outcome is gonna be. Results are fantastic and usually these apps don't work but this one wow

A. G. u. Apr 3, 2017     

Awesome sounds. Great app layout. Called in coyote & fox to my suburban backyard. Hope to video some predator kills with this app.

Isa. Feb 16, 2017     

I like how easy this app works and the calls sound good. The downside, it will not work with all speakers. I get nothing on my iHunt, except squelch when hitting the decoy button.

Mic. W. Dec 31, 2016     

All sounded good but the lone male call sounded a little like a guy making them noise. But other than that we'll pleased

Jer. T. Jan 22, 2018     

Downloaded this morning, downed coyotes this evening. Not all sounds were great, and that's why I docked a star.

T.E. A. Aug 4, 2017     

This app would be great if it wasn't for the ignoring commercials that pop up with sound blairing all across the woods.

BLA. S. Nov 22, 2017     

Its alright called in my first coyote and bobcat with it great app kinda confusing

Han. C. Dec 5, 2017     

Awesome use my Bluetooth speaker and they come running my favorite

Dan. B. Dec 10, 2016     

Used this app paired with my Milwaukee M18 bluetooth jobsite radio, seems to work well!

Mik. G. Feb 5, 2018     

Great sounds but does not work with all Bluetooth speakers

Mik. T. Feb 10, 2019     

absolutely amazing

Uni. n. May 29, 2016     

I am a avid coyote hunter that pursues them year round and have owned every major brand of electronic call. The sounds you get here are equal to the best on the market. The expansion packs are well worth the asking price. Probably the best deal available right now. Top notch!!!!!!!!

All. H. Jan 3, 2016     

This is the real deal the real McCoy it works great best thing since toilet paper