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Prep For The TOEFL Test

With over 100,000 installs and a near perfect rating, Zinkerz Prep For The TOEFL® Test is the fun and affordable way to prepare for your exam. The all-in-one TOEFL practice app is fully loaded with practice tests, daily study drills, flashcards, lesson tutorials and interactive games, all organized into a rigorous, comprehensive roadmap to exam success.
Created by top educators, Zinkerz Preparation For The TOEFL Test is the only preparation app where students can learn and practice all four sections of the TOEFL exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Way more affordable that a TOEFL course or tutor, all the material is accessible on your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to study hard. So put away your TOEFL test prep books and download Zinkerz Preparation For The TOEFL Test, the most advanced TOEFL preparation app available!

Want more info? Visit: http://zinkerz.com/toefl. Questions or Feedback? Email Us: support@zinkerz.com.

“The Zinkerz Preparation For The TOEFL Test app is the perfect tool for any student looking to pass the TOEFL exam. Beautifully designed, filled with excellent tips and tools, it’s actually fun to use and helps you get the score you need.” -TOEFL Instructor, India

Disclaimer: TOEFL® is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service. The ETS is not connected to, and does not endorse, this app. The ETS makes an excellent exam
- we only help you prepare for it.

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Reviews (30)

Ako. O. Feb 28, 2020     

The app is very good with great workouts to give you the TOEFL scores of your choice.

Ken. A. Jan 3, 2020     

I was logged out of the platform a few months after making purchases and now it looks like I have to do it all over again. Please fix it.

Dan. Z. May 29, 2019     

most things are closed but whats open is great

Hin. K. Dec 22, 2019     

Bakwaas app....cant register...it is not taking my email address.....worse app

Ent. K. Jan 28, 2019     

it is a good app 😊

Kar. B. Mar 19, 2018     

Awesome! No subscription so you get everything at once. Ther are so many practices and examples. Easy to listen to and I can see where I am inproving and where I need to work more

Ale. C. Mar 26, 2018     

A great and useful app, really made a difference, just after a couple of workouts, I noticed a change for the better. Upgrade to Zinkerz pro, You won't regret it!

A. G. u. Aug 31, 2018     

Awesome app for practice the questions should be unlocked for easy access

Dai. K. Mar 8, 2018     

This is a very high quality app, probably the best one around. It reminds me of the GRE app by MIT. But I'm not sure of its accuracy. It gave me low scores in the diagnostic test even though I scored 760/800 in GMAT. It could be that my skills are a little rusty now. Will need someone else to corroborate it.

Gui. D. Jan 5, 2018     

I liked, is very well built as an app. And helped a lot, no just the exercises, but Zikers guide the user and explain the results.

Usa. S. Dec 16, 2016     

Its better than most apps on the play store for practicing TOEFL. Some mistakes could be improved upon

Rod. A. Jan 17, 2017     

This app is really good i love it, the only thing is when the answers are really long i can't see the last choise complete.

Wei. D. Mar 1, 2017     

Great app! User-friendly UI makes me willing to learn:) A little bit more difficult than the test itself but good practice. By the way, could anyone tell me whats the difference between this version and that one rated 4.4? I thought this one is the updated version but they seem totally the same?

Luc. O. Oct 15, 2016     

Only thing that it have to improve is the way that the question and answers are shown on the screen. For screen of 5" or less it's a little difficult to manage it. But the app is the best of all. Certainly! And I'm still waiting for the IELTS app :P

Dev. S. P. Nov 24, 2016     

I recommend everyone to use this app for their success in TOEFL exams. Quite my ever Best preparation application. Love it and thanks you Zinkers Society.

Car. C. Sep 17, 2016     

Everything you need to get ready for TOEFL! I love it! You're able to practice anytime, anywhere!

A. G. u. Nov 3, 2017     

This app was really helpful. I'm so glad I downloaded it

j. C. Jun 29, 2016     

Hope the developer adds more free practices

Aur. A. Aug 22, 2016     

Material is good but the app didnot gave me free access to the test even though I rated this app

Anu. H. Aug 24, 2016     

A very good app with good workouts that can better help you in your ibt TOEFL

Ras. K. Apr 14, 2017     

Awesome app.. takes practice really nice

cov. #. Sep 28, 2016     

OMG this app is amazing for those preparing for toefl

A. G. u. Feb 18, 2018     

This is such a good app for TOEFL practice

Ale. R. N. Sep 8, 2017     

The best app ever. Thanks for everything

Dan. A. Aug 8, 2016     

This is a good learning tool

Olu. U. Jul 15, 2017     

How do I unlock this app for pro.

Xin. Z. Feb 10, 2017     

I love it very much~

Jyo. K. Jan 21, 2017     

The diagnostic test is great but how do I unlock the next level?

A. G. u. Mar 23, 2017     

This app is very useful

All. E. Nov 28, 2017     

Great app and very useful