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Presto Biz

Say hello to Malaysia’s first home-grown and highly innovative Social Marketing platform and with eWallet functionality coming soon, assisting you to get countless shoppers to help boost your brands and sales.

It’s a revolutionary way to maximize sales without expensive marketing campaigns or price-slashing. Presto means you only have to commit to the price once you hit your sales target.

Presto helps sellers:

• To amplify sales, raise awareness and build your customer base
• Promote products and services through social media with MEASURABLE return of investment (ROI)
• Increase sales at prices you are comfortable with

By utilizing the Presto Biz app, sellers are able to:
• Scan the QR code from the shopper’s mobile device, allowing the shoppers to redeem the products after they have purchased on Presto
• Check and monitor your sales report and transaction details dynamically, any time, any where

Come and join us NOW and be a Presto Buddy!

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Reviews (1)

Isa. J. Mar 9, 2018     

I am only downloading to say that one of your workers that drives a silver Perodua Alza - registration plate WC 6430 L with Presto plastered all over the car was driving recklessly on 9th March 2018 (Friday) 230pm at nearby KLCC. The drive was bald and fat in person. Due to that, you won't be getting any business if that is how your worker or agent handles a car that address your company's image. *thumbsdown