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Princess Hairstyles

Hi, how are you? Are you ready to spend a wonderful day with us? Do you want to have fun with us through this game with princesses? If you wish to become our friend you will definitely love to play every day with us. This girls game is very nice, it can help you learn different beauty tricks. We all know that girls are very careful about the way they look, they always want to be beautiful and this is why they go to different beauty salons. We are sure that you are the right person to lead a beauty salon. With this makeover game you'll meet a beautiful and good princess, she wants to become your friend and she will be very happy when she will find that you want to help her with everything she needs.For everything to come out as we wish, please be very careful to every detail of this game for girls.Follow all instructions of this game for children.Good luck!

- Beautiful princess will come to your salon in a few minutes;
- You have to help her;
- Wash her hair with shampoo;
- Rinse with warm water;
- Apply a hair treatment;
- Dry her hair;
- Cut the tops damaged;
- Paint the hair;
- Choose the right shade;
- Now you must choose the most beautiful dress;
- Pay attention to all accessories that you will choose;
- Princess is very beautiful and happy;
- You are a wonderful friend.

Thank you for help, please come back daily through this game.

Have fun!

Category : Casual

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