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Prison Escape Police Sniper 3D

An Epic Story of a Prison Escape Police Sniper game with the best first person sniper shooting, assault rifle and rocket launcher missions chasing jail break prisoners. Your duty is to control crime in the alcatraz jail. Use sniper shooting skills to kill the prisoner, criminals and gangsters crew and save yourself from their counter attacks. You are the border police of a jail, It's your duty now to watch out prison escape by city criminals. The security of the jailbreak and of the city is in your hands now as the gangster or the criminal escaping from will be the threat of crime to the city. Prisoner have been sent to jail for crime. But it’s not easy as the fierce prisoners, aggressive criminals and the gangsters are after you. Battle start kill the prisoner and criminals by headshot and bodyshot with sniper and assault rifle managed control of you prison rush. It is a very exciting and thrilling prisoner chase game. Execute a rigorous plan to end this hard time and do not let prison escape. In this game you will have to kill psychotic prisoners to take control of your jail. It will not be an easy task to control the vicious prisoners. Let’s do it to end the hard times in the prison. It’s all about brave police officer. Your mission is to chase the prisoners and criminals who tried prison escape plan. Track criminal suspects and missing persons in various challenging missions. Feel the thrill ramp up when the bad guys escape. Chase and hit them until they give out!Sniper Gun MissionPrisoner are trying to escape from wall. Some of them are creating anarchy in the jail and want to kill other gangster and criminals kill them with sniper before they kill them.Assault Rifle MissionJail lays in ruins, chaos and prisoner creating anarchy and make life difficult of alcatraz jail cops. Use assault rifle to kill them before the kill you and your fellow mates.Rocket Launcher (Bazooka) MissionPrisoner are trying to escape from jail yard on police bus, police car, police truck, police helicopter and police bike after kill their driver use your rocket launcher bazooka to destroy them before they escape.Prison Escape Police Sniper Features• Eliminate Prisoners trying to Make a Breakout• Thrill of Taking out Prisoners Escaping• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Aim, Shoot and Take out Headshots• Super fast game with smooth controls• Sniper Gun, Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher Bazooka
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