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Prisoner Escape Story 2016

You and your friend is captured during a war and have been brought to prisoner of war camp. This camp has advanced security system and escape is going to be very tough. Guards are continuously patrolling and wardens on duty are high alert. There are laser fences and search lights after little intervals. Sneaking in the camp and making a safe escape from the cell is the real challenge.
There are arrows depicting the right direction. Follow them to breakout of the torturing jail. Grab the hints and tools these will help you fighting with the brutal guards and wild dogs. Use your weapons on the right spot. Retrieve the enemy intelligence. Grab the keys, bribe the guard outside your cell, avoid being spotted by the search lights, kill the wild dogs that are after your or else they will tear your apart. In short, fight hard for your freedom and survival or else you will be dead.

Execute the best possible jail break plan and accomplish your Escape Mission of 2016 brilliantly.

Features:Challenging Escape Missions!Direction, Hints and Tools!Amazing 3D Environment!Realistic Sound Effects!Exciting Game Play!

Category : Action

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