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ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )

ProCam X will turn your phone into professional camera wanna be, with full control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and another features like a professional camera, which can bring your mobile photography to the next level. Take the best capture of your photo and even record your video in high resolution.

☆ HD Camera Pro : best camera features : ☆

✓ Control exposure (lock / adjust value)
✓ Control white balance
✓ Manual ISO *
✓ Manual focus *
✓ Manual shutter speed *
✓ Intervalometer
✓ Burst shooting mode
✓ Set custom video bit rate
✓ Realtime filter / color effect
✓ Geotagging
✓ Anti Shake

* On supported devices with camera2api enable

It's excellent fast camera features perform quickly giving your fast camera performance which is able to take many pictures at some interval in burst mode, very useful for creating stop motion or time lapse video

Create photos with different effects and another pro hd camera pro features like manual exposure lock, manual ISO, white balance, hd camera pro grid view, golden ratio grid, etc. and reach the highest level of photography with this professional camera and fast camera hd

Best camera key features are described as below :

* Burst camera mode with configurable delay to create stop motion or create time lapse video
* Face detection / facial recognition
* Front back hd camera pro selection.
* Professional camera hd features: Scene mode, focus mode, burst mode, color effects, white balance, and manual exposure lock, manual ISO.
* Choose to and 4k video quality and resolution.
* 4K camera recording (With optional audio recording) like az camera hd
* Option to turn off the shutter sound.
* GUI to change the orientation without any pause works in any direction.
* Adjustable volume keys (image to zoom receive or change the exposure compensation).
* Excellent like the best camera hd performance
* Remote control (optional audio countdown) timer (with configurable delay) automatic repeat mode.
* Customable volume keys to perform quick operation like az camera
* DSLR camera feature to adjust shutter speed
* Manual Focus like DSLR camera
* DSLR camera feature to choose manual ISO
* Manual Exposure
* Interval Shot for time lapse and stop motion
* Location targeting feature
* Remove with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
* Option to lock the photo or 4k video in portrait or landscape orientation.
* 4K video recording on supported device, turn your phone into 4k camera
* Realtime Photo Filter
* Photo Grid : 4K camera app, golden ratio line
* Disable the shutter sound / silent camera app when take photo or record 4k video
* Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photos and videos; For photos that compass direction contains.
* A date and time stamp on photos, location coordinates and implements a custom text.
* (Some) external microphone support.
* Manual focusing distance; manual ISO
* pro camera exposure lock
* RAW (DNG) files on front az camera
* Manual ISO / iso manual or just balance ISO ( set iso manual )
* Flash mode feature
* Brightness / exposure setting
* Best camera for creating time lapse or stop motion which required interval shooting
* Unlock az camera app capability to record at 4k camera on supported devices

All complete features packaged in small compact size and clean interface,
Download this professional camera hd and start record your 4k video

Note :

To use manual features you need device with Android 5.0 and up with camera2 API enabled by your phone's vendor.

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Chr. B. Jan 8, 2022     

I bought this app primarily for shooting video as I wanted a little extra control over the camera settings. Unfortunately whilst I've gained control in some areas I've lost it in others. For example this app allows me to record at 100mbit which is great and I can tell there is a quality improvement, but I've lost the ability to shoot at 60fps and I can't increase the audio quality or switch from mono to stereo sound which is a deal breaker.

Jak. M. Mar 8, 2019     

How do you turn it off? Seriously. I have to use an app killer to turn it off. It takes over the phone and won't quit or minimize without brute force methods. How about a simple 'off' button in the upper corner? Update: Thank you for the off button! Used the app for an hour, easy and intuitive. But too much noise! I understand how this technology works, and I take lots of pictures for my job. But this is noiser than my other HDR apps.

Jun. S. Jul 28, 2020     

I wanted to use this for astrophotography, but I can't control the flash. All other controls work, but flash remains auto and can't be turned off. It'd be great if this issue could be fixed asap. When flash button is touched, a very narrow empty rectangle shows up instead of three choices (off, on and auto). Giving 4 stars hoping the issue will be fixed quickly. Edit: another issue was found. Downgrading to 2 Hmm... The slowest shutter goes only up to 4 seconds. I definitely need longer time.

Jef. D. Oct 14, 2019     

FLAWED VIDEO. Zoom is hard to work with. No image stabilization even though the stock camera app does. PHOTOS: Oddly delayed when displayed in the gallery. THE GOOD: does have easy manual controls that are not part of the official app. The extra options may help amateurs to take better photos. Overall, it is good but a little complicated and sluggish.

Ras. K. Apr 30, 2019     

Update: The dev simply pushed it onto me to do his work, which he could have done by just looking at any better camera app's system functions. But I actually still did it, sent it in email and then waited for months. No reply. I couldn't find a way to access settings from inside the app, so I long pressed the icon in my app drawer, to access the drop down list. I found settings there but each time that I tried to launch it, I received an "access denied" error

Me. Jul 17, 2019     

This is one of the best camera apps that I've tried, but it has one fatal problem - it can't focus properly. It takes 5-6 tries for the auto focus to get focused correctly. I can see it go back and forth and focus on the wrong thing most of the time, even when im shooting plain text. My default camera app focuses instantly every time so the problem is with your app, not my device. You should have it looked asap because that issue renders your app useless.

Ed. A. Mar 11, 2019     

No support for 4k 60 fps. Flash button not functional when I tried to use it the second time. Interface is clean, but having the need to change modes (to / from the still / motion camera) makes it a slower app to use. I liked the level meter and the touch focus / exposure. No +/- exposure. Clearly, this is not the best camera app especially when most of my complaints cannot be said with other apps.

Ken. E. Sep 12, 2020     

This camera app is OK but not great. Most of its functions seem fine, the HDR in particular is good however it doesn't boost the blacks a lot it more crushes down the highs so you have to use it judiciously and expose for the lows. Where it falls over is in 2 areas: 1, it totally kills my phone when it's running. If the phone screen turns off when the app is running it can take 5 minutes or more to get back into the phone. The camera app prevents it from responding correctly and this happens every time if the phone screen goes off or you momentarily press the power button to preserve battery manually. Never happens when the cam app isn't open and the last cam app I had did exactly the same thing on my Samsung Note 9 which is why I tried this. Using the Slo Mo function pretty much kills the phone too. It goes into some crazy mode a bit like the one above, nothing responds and it can again take ages to get control of the phone meaning any time sensitive shot is gone. Sometimes however it works so it's a gamble as to whether you kill your phone when you want some slo mo. Of course there are workarounds for both these problems but it's 2020 and we shouldn't be messing about with such things, Apps should work 'out of the box'. The fact that it can render the phone non operational at a critical moment isn't a great feature. A shame as in most other aspects it does appear to work well.

Tak. K. Dec 30, 2021     

I like it. It has most of the features of Open Camera but in a MUCH easier to use UI. A couple things I'd like to see added are options for edge-detection (like the existing NR options) and a shutter priority mode. You can set the shutter, but then need to fiddle with ISO yourself currently.

Jon. L. Mar 16, 2022     

I love this app, but for some reason it continues to shut down after it takes a photo, no matter how I configure the settings. I suspect the issue is with my phone rather than the app, but I'm not positive since I don't currently have another model so I can try to replicate the bug. I'll update to 5 stars when I have a 2nd and maybe a 3rd device with which I can test my theory. Other than that, this app is by far my favorite camera interface – it fully utilizes all otherwise unused capabilities

Oli. S. Nov 5, 2020     

I PAID for this app, and it sucks. It automatically goes into landscape, which is incredibly annoying. When you take a picture with flash, the camera flashes, then the white balance adjusts, then the picture is taken, so you can't see anything. The front facing camera is grainy. And if you use the video recording, the camera stays on that setting until manually changed. There's so many bad things about this app. The only good thing is it has more control over settings than the stock camera app.

sil. b. Nov 2, 2019     

This app has potential but so far.... kind of disappointing. It worked for a while on Note 8 but, now fails to activate the rear camera and when it does, it freeze or de-saturate the preview or even shows as black and white. Same goes for the front camera. Just a side note: both cameras function perfectly with the stock app. To bad, hopefully the developer fixes the issues. Until then is uninstalled. Will checking on it later.

S.. M. Mar 1, 2022     

No frame rate control when shooting video. No way to set an exact shutter speed when shooting vide No HDR when shooting video. No way select among S21 four cameras when shooting video. Why selfi video? HISTOGRAM IS REVERSEED! What is the default bit rate? No information on what the app is doing when one is shooting video so it's risky to use it even as a secondary video camera when shooting stills! Great interface for a photographer!!! But only if all 4 cameras are supported.

Pau. J. May 7, 2022     

This app is like essentially every other app I've ever installed on any of my devices. When it works, it's good, but when it doesn't (and it doesn't work a lot of the time), it sucks. I end up losing a lot of time and a lot of video. Often times, after shooting a long scene, it will give the message that an unknown error has occurred and all of the video is lost. So what I've learned, if you're interested, is don't trust this app to work. Assume it will fail and do everything you can to prepare for its failure. By the way, it works as (un)reliably on BOTH of the phones on which I have it installed.

Son. H. Apr 9, 2022     

Good camera apps has so many features. I quiet impressed, but I think this app need more powerfull noise reduction effect. Photo results from this app has too meny noise, and too strong in sharpness and clarity. Adding stronger noise reduction and more soft photo would be perfect. Hope the developer would add that features in the next update.

Dam. Apr 13, 2022     

While I am fortunate I have not been suffering some of the issues other have, such as the app crashing, there are two major issues I am experiencing: 1. My phone has a 48MP main camera, yet the app will not show a resolution higher than 12MP. Very little improvement over the limitation of the Lite version. 2. Any video taken with the app has a/several missing key frames within the first second of video, as a result there is a green artifact within the video for about half a second. I really hope the issues with this app can be resolved, it has so much potential over many of the included camera apps that are provided by manufacturers and it is not cluttered with 'fun' filters and the like which would mostly be used by children. Sadly until the issues are resolved I cannot giver a higher rating, especially considering the cost of the application.

Jas. S. Jun 17, 2020     

Worst app ever! The interval timer looks nothing like in photos in discription with the night time stars pic. The shutter speed won't go higher then 1/10s when Samsung built in Pro mode goes all the way to 30s. Pics and video look super grainy. And this was advertised on a night time photography site? It's like going back to a 1990s flip phone 1mp camera quality. It's bad! Getting full refund. Got this to put automatic timer to catch a lightning storm but 1/10s shutter is too fast! Needs longer

Nik. M. B. Jan 23, 2022     

After purchase I assumed there would be additional features or some explanation of what was offered, sadly no! The MAIN ISSUE is EVERY SINGLE TIME I have used this app it either stalls out, closes automatically, doesn't save pic or vids, does not stay open after capture, has glitches, bugs and defects that are very irritating and frustrating, especially for a paid version!

Des. W. May 28, 2021     

Best control options of any app I've seen (for iso, shutter speed, white balance, focus, etc.). I Really like how precise I can make the shutter speed and that I can change the noise reduction levels. I do wish when shooting in RAW while zoomed in that it would save the crop though. And an automatic stacking mode (like Pixel's astrophotography mode) would make this app just perfect.

Ric. R. Mar 1, 2020     

I may have found a replacement for my most favorite camera, the CFV-5! This has all the controls I like, and a few that have me scratching my head, such as FP and the "zebra stripes". (I'm sure FP is neither Floating Point nor Focal Plane!) So, hurry and download the PRO version while it's free! (BTW, I d/l'd the PRO app to my oldish phone and was upset that the "new features" were not there; d/l-ing to my newer phone brought them up, at the price of losing SCN mode. _This is the mfr's doing. )

Reb. E. Mar 26, 2022     

The app makes you pay 5 bucks for it, so I thought it'd be good, but it keeps having 'serious camera failure' periodically when I try to change the settings. It also won't save images because it won't remember where I tell it to save to, so it's effectively useless and I wasted my money. Don't waste yours.

Mon. Feb 29, 2020     

This app has a lot of potential. I love the way the camera works, the layout and manual controls. Only app that has manual shutter with auto ISO. However, I could only select 8mp max quality, not the 48mp my dual camera has. A large usability issue is there are no labels under the icons in the settings menu, requiring us to press everything to find what it does, and again if we forget. What do the tree icons do? The screen just blanks and is sticks on single tree.

Joh. H. Feb 27, 2022     

This is almost like another camera app that I have problem with. If you guys are going to clone each other's work, at least make it work right. This one keeps wanting portrait mode. The settings icons are mostly intuitive but a little help would be nice.

San. K. Dec 27, 2019     

A solid 4 stars! 5 stars for manual flash options in manual shooting mode. I often shoot in the dark with a longer exposure and definitely don't want to use the flash. Currently I need another camera app for doing lightpainting. 'Touch to Focus & Shoot' or only even 'Touch to select focus point' would be a perfect option. I choose my manual settings and would then like to focus and shoot. Now, touching overrides my manual exposure settings. Frustrating. I wonder why the ISO selector shows a one stop lower value than the actual?

Dmy. K. Apr 30, 2022     

Two big drawbacks with this could-be-great payed camera app: (1) no lens geometric distortion correction, (2) longest exposure is 0,5s when even my native camera gives 10s. My suggestions for improvements: As for exposure: 30s would be great but bulb would be just perfect. HDR hyperlapse feature might be great addition.

Gab. G. Jun 28, 2021     

One of the best camera apps I think. Premium version absolutely worth it. You cannot crop the pics tho and have an issue where it'll cut out the majority of the picture it'll try to take due to the size it's set to. But no matter what I switch it to, it still won't capture the whole photo.. so that's why I had to leave off the last star.

bel. b. Dec 24, 2018     

Today we had clear sky and sun for the first time in weeks and after making over 500 pictures I did comparison with the integrated camera app and I found excessive sharping to the point of losing details. When shooting indoor and at night this app is making amazing shots, but at nice day with max sunlight is total fail. The most strange thing is that when you look at the pictures in the phone they really look ten times better, but on the PC the oversharping is clear.

Jas. T. Aug 11, 2019     

This ap takes pretty good photos, but there are a lot of bugs. Frequent crashes and lock ups which require me to restart my entire phone, and one of the few times I tried to use video the picture was frozen in playback mode while the sound continued. I really wish this ap worked better.

Phi. D. Dec 21, 2019     

This is better than many of the video apps on here and has many great features, but annoyingly I can't change the white balance temperature. All that is available is the presets that work OK, but I can't make changes on the scale. The phone I am using is a huawei honor 9 lite.

TK. Y. Apr 17, 2022     

Much better than my Samsung S20 built in camera app which can't lock focus on the simplest shots. This app produces much sharper pictures and with better control. There are occasional shots where Samsung's app will do ok but this is a much needed alternative.