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Prodigy Math Game

Math practice used to be a struggle — but not anymore. Prodigy, a no-cost math game that’s loved by over a million teachers and 50 million students around the world, is using game-based learning to transform education.

Prodigy delivers a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. Players can earn rewards, go on quests and play with friends — all while learning new skills!

And the best part? All of our educational content is engaging, effective and completely zero cost.

We know that every student faces unique challenges when it comes to math learning. That’s why:

• Content is tailored to every player’s strengths and weaknesses
• Math questions are fully aligned with state-level curricula, including Common Core and TEKS, so Prodigy is always connected to the classroom.
• 1,400 available skills give students the chance to learn more and keep growing.

For a full list of the skills Prodigy supports, visit prodigygame.com/math/skills.

Are you a parent? Connect a free parent account today to:

•See what math practice your child is working on
•Monitor your child’s understanding and progress
•Set goals and give reward to encourage even more math practice!

To sign up for your free parent account, visit prodigygame.com.

>>Want your child to learn more?<<

You can use Prodigy to turn playtime into education time. Premium members level up faster, spend more time answering math questions and get exclusive access to pets, member-only game areas and extra rewards. To sign up today, visit prodigygame.com/membership.

Don’t want a membership just yet? All of our educational content is zero cost and always will be.

To learn more about Prodigy and to get started, visit www.prodigygame.com.

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A 2018 Top Pick for Learning from Common Sense Education
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Reviews (30)

Sha. H. May 7, 2022     

The app requires you to leave the app to go online to sign in. It won't let you do most things without a parent email. But when you try to sign up as a parent the website just takes you back to the game on the site and says there was an error. There doesn't appear to be any way in game or from the website to contact help to fix any of these issues. So if youre trying to use this app from a phone or tablet it's useless.

Nat. x. May 5, 2022     

The game is fun but there is only one thing that I don't like and that is that on laptop it has more options like an English version, more character designs and its just more fun than just math so if it comes to a mobile version I'll write a better review and download it back.

Bab. T. May 27, 2022     

This game is awesome! I love it because that you can learn a lot of stuff and go on Big Adventures and do you can do math facts by destroying cool looking animal things and you can earn up to levels to get new other upgrades for a new animal.

Geo. G. May 21, 2022     

It has very cool pets, music, health upgrades and more as in every thing is cool but the one thing that I don't like is to rescue pets you have to have membership Wich I want to be free and that you don't have to sign in but it is still a amazing game to play for kids and adults and everyone to enjoy and play

Joh. L. May 1, 2022     

The game is fun to start, but gets repetitive quickly. My 8 year old daughter got bored of it after a few weeks, so I cancelled the premium membership. It's a solid concept. You play a magician who casts spells to fight mostly adorable creatures. When you beat them, you can make them your pet to help in future fights. In order to cast a spell, you have to answer a math or reading question. One problem is that my daughter didn't understand the questions. Some of the math questions are phrased as simple word problems, which was over her head. The app provides some hints, but it doesn't walk you through the answer, which would have been nice. Aside from that, it's just one creature fight after another.

Jac. O. Mar 12, 2022     

There should be a run button and a time limit that can be set. This game isn't very good if you have OCD, I get frustrated but I have a really hard time stopping and there isn't always someone around to tell me to get off and do something else. It would really be helpful if there was a limit; I was on for over 2 hours today and I stopped having fun after 20 minutes. I need the game to kick me out. Maybe have it log you out after finishing a goal you can set or a teacher or parent sets.

Sav. O. Mar 22, 2022     

Prodigy is the perfect fun app for my child. She can have fun while learning! The only small nip is that when she does hundread chart for help it does not finish the sentence so she has to listen to it but atleast we can listen and plus she knows how to use it anyways. ***** stars!

•《P. Ä. May 18, 2022     

I remember being younger and playing this too this very day I play it but...-why the hell does everything cost premium make it to only mythicals and stuff cost premium and make the shop free just stop putting stuff behind a pay wall! and make things free again! I'm sure this game could make good money if it didn't rub the "get membership" in your face while you try to evolve your pet or do anything 2 stars would be 5 if it wasn't so pay-to-win It'd be 5 if it wasn't membership this and that.

Dom. Apr 6, 2022     

Can't play the game. Once we got it installed and signed up it wouldn't load properly. It gets stuck at the "what's your wizard look like" screen. It's completely orange. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Same results. Bummmmmmmed.

Ade. S. Apr 26, 2022     

So this is about English prodigy (I play on website). Its a very fun game but I think that if it had less lag (too long to load and anamation is gacha screenshot level). But a suggestion to the creators. So I don't know if you did this already but. Friendships with the villagers. Like the closer the friendship the more often you see them or how much money they give for quests. But I feel that it would be so amazing to just have your favorite villager as you bff in the game. Thanks for it time.

Myl. D. Feb 21, 2022     

This game is super fun and educational! I'm glad that this game can make education fun for a wide range of ages, covering plenty of different categories in math. Even though this game gladly limits what children can say to each other, I sometimes wish that I can ask other things like "Where did you get that from?". Even though I like how they are making sure that children can't give away to much personal info, it limits to much.

N. M. Mar 7, 2022     

Worth every penny!! This app has been exceptional and low cost for SO LONG. Like everything else in this world, prices go up, but this app and what it provides to my kids is well worth it! ❤️ I love this app. I use it for all of the kids in my homeschool group! Each of their parents are asked to sign up for it and they all get to keep track of their kids math level! I highly recommend it.

And. C. May 3, 2022     

It is a very good game to play because it is a math game I love ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 this game also because the game is very important because you can learn about some other ways to figure out problems that you are doing rong on math problems. IT will help me to know that something I am not doing right on problems.

Ary. S. May 28, 2022     

Fun learning game the only problem is many places and things my child was not able to do is because she was not a member my recommendation would be for cool and cute pets to be free but the questions be harder, and certain skins to be paid for.

Nal. H. May 20, 2022     

Hello. I really like this game because the things you do are soooo fun. Even though maybe you can't be a member. As a kid I always wanted a math game online. In 2011 the game came out.Then I played it, after a few days, I decided to be a member.Then now my kids play it almost everyday.

Tri. K. C. Feb 19, 2022     

This is a perfect game for kids and I really like when my kid plays this because it is a very good game it really helps your your kid to learn how to do everything that you really need to learn and you get to have a lot of fun battling other Wizards in the arena and you can also by other people by clicking them and then click in the trophy it is really fun for by Kid he really loves this game

Ros. G. Apr 2, 2022     

Although this is a very educational game for children, it seems like Prodigy has scammed me of. I paid level up membership for my son, and transfered that membership to my son, but it has not worked. I don't know why it doesn't let me transfer my membership to my son but $74 for nothing I guess.

Han. r. May 17, 2022     

Really great for kids. But one I thing I want is, once you download the app, the username and the password should be saved. So, you don't have to type it in everytime you open the app.

God. V. May 9, 2022     

It's pretty good in all but they just came out with his new version where you could do a spelling too and I'm not sure how to do it usually would give you an option and it did once but not anymore and I want to try that again but it's really good game and I like it play hoping they can give you a choice now cuz they said they just got it out

Sam. B. May 2, 2022     

Its pretty good overall accept one thing there is a glitch to when u are shoping at like the forest and others when u try to hit the next button for the second page it clickes the messageing bar that is behind it.

Jus. a. u. n. May 8, 2022     

Went from fun to Straight pay to play and boring, let me get started on the shops, you get almost nothing without member, speaking of member, mythical epic are just something to make children without member feel miserable grinding for good pets, member users get double XP (p2w) mostly and you need member to evolve your pets, you can't avoid battles in any way other than to just reload the site or restart the game. Honestly I'd give this a negative 1 and a half star if I could.

Kri. S. Apr 12, 2022     

I'm used to playing and it is amazing. Such cool design and a dope idea to create this! I was forced to play this at school but it felt as entertaining as recess! I've recently moved schools but I still play it because of my enjoyment playing!

Jus. H. Mar 1, 2022     

Prodigy is a cute and great game itself, however, the developers are very money hungry. After speaking on the phone with a Prodigy rep today, she told me that I could do a "family bundle" which means that I still have to pay $80-$100 per child, yearly. That is NOT a family bundle. It's the same price as buying for a single child! And all to make sure your child's account has things to help them advance in the game.

jes. p. Apr 30, 2022     

My kids like this game but I have one with dyslexia and cannot read the thought bubbles that they need to get them through the game. Is there a setting I'm missing? Also.... Why does it cost so much!?! To add all 3 of my kids it's going to cost me $170 a year!?!?!?!

Klo. C. Mar 21, 2022     

I absolutely love prodigy but there are problems with this game. I have paid for a membership but it is now saying that I haven't. Also I would love it if the pet book was organized by type.

Tri. K. Apr 23, 2022     

I love the app but, I will play it at school and be able to access what my friends call "The English Version". But, at home on my mobile devices I cannot access it. I'm starting to wonder if it's just not made for mobile devices yet or if it's a bug.

吕俊. Apr 29, 2022     

Great game, but once it logged out me for some reason and since I was focused on the game, I didn't remember my user. I did make quite some progress on it too. Tried to find my user and loaded my passwords with google, doesn't work, please fix whatever this is. Thanks

The. T. r. Jan 13, 2022     

It's a nice game to play, I enjoy the graphics and all the different places to explore but my god why does everything have to be locked behind a paywall? It's not necessary but it takes a lot of the stuff that would make the game more enjoyable like why include the idea of evolving your pets if you have to pay for it and how a lot of the cool and better stuff also needs membership and it's advertised to you at every turn. Good game but Its kinda dampens the experience with so much stuff locked

DJ. I. Jun 11, 2020     

Really addictive and fun, but about every ten to fifteen minutes the game crashes and sends me back to the home screen even though I didn't press anything. It's also unresponsive a lot, but I know how to fix that. Not forever though, just for about 5 to 10 minutes. So, if you could fix these bugs, that would be great. It's still one of my favourite math games, though.

lil. Nov 13, 2020     

Great app for math! It's so fun and cool. At first, I thought Prodigy was just one of those math apps with a lot of commercials and it was no fun whatsoever. But oh boy was I wrong! I love the arcade like-style and graphics! I also love Noot, he's super cute! Don't get me started on the character customization! I absolutely LOVE it! While you can't change the outfit, you can change the hair, hair color, eye color and skin color! Overall it's a great, underrated, math game!