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Profoundly: A profound way to make friends

• We help you break the ice with fun and interesting icebreakers where only your imagination is the limit
.• We help you match with people nearby who have similar interests so you never run out of words and ideas to talk.
• Rediscover your friendships by sharing anonymous confessions, secrets and life experiences with your Facebook friends.
• Engage in long conversations to collect hearts and reveal your partner’s photos.Profoundly has millions of users from around the world (with 800k new users joining every month), exchanging over 40 million messages every day.

• As a PREMIUM member, you can create unlimited stories and icebreakers.
• Unlimited replies to interesting icebreakers and stories.
• Find new matches 578% faster.
• 4x more random daily chats to make even more friends.
• Skip the wait and view your partner’s photos upfront.
• Send unlimited private replies and anonymous texts to your Facebook friends.

Share Profoundly with your friends and who knows you might receive that message from your crush next time? Also leave a review on Play Store and Facebook to help us make Profoundly even more fun and secure.

Your personal information is securely stored and not shared with any other user or third parties.

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Reviews (30)

Sar. May 15, 2019     

Told me I had a message from a friend and it took me to this app installation page. No message to be found after installing. I can understand change, but that was dishonest. I tried using my computer just to double check, but it'll just take you to a page telling you to install the app on your phone. That doesn't count as an anonymous message from a friend, Profoundly! Don't say "play game to view" when all there is to view is YOU playing games with us. :/

Fra. M. Jun 27, 2021     

Edit: 06/28/2021 New features.....ADS! ADS! ADS!.....Every click there is a pop-up ads...I know you need the Ads but you should at least limit it... Also there is a long loading after you view someone's profile. I'm forced to just close and open again the app due to long loading. The app doesn't seem to know when to switch to headphones or speakers... I'm using wireless headphones but the voices comes out at the phone speaker... it's annoying. Likes on your post doesn't reflect on your profile

Ble. C. Dec 12, 2020     

Somehow I'm not logged in anymore, once the app is updated it doesn't give me an option to connect back to FB which is fine. But when trying to set up account it won't allow me to move past the photo and name screen. Receive error when trying to add photo and it won't let you go forward without completing the photo and name. I have a message that I don't even have access to. Please fix the bug.

hol. m. Feb 27, 2020     

The new update is terrible. Said I have a new message , I go to messages and they're all gone, I don't have any ( I had like 6 different conversations + a new one?). Then tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and now it's running into more errors . "Can't sign in via Facebook" "Photo upload fail" So at this point in time I cannot use the app at all!?

Bla. W. Dec 13, 2020     

This app is different on different phones. On one of my phones, the messaging feature is still there, but on my other phone, the app is missing the chat and story features. Very strange. Both apps are updated to the latest version . But one of my phones has Android 9 and the other has Android 10. I think the developers coded the app wrong for android 10.

Kev. R. Jun 2, 2019     

The app has barely any notifications for new messages, you basically have to open it up every few minutes/hours just to see if you've missed any messages. On top of all of that, the names don't have any pictures next to them meaning if you have two Sarah's you don't know which one you're messaging.... Good concept, poor execution and very poorly maintained. The developers have a TON of negative reviews with a lack of response time to said reviews.

Aus. C. Dec 21, 2020     

Its absolutely horrible. I downloaded it and all I see are people that start rooms. I I used to be able to make a written status and cant do that anymore. Then it changed to doing voice statuses, which sucks because who wants to listen to people's voices when looking at written statuses was easier. It's a crappy app. You used to be able to send messages to ur facebook friends you cant even do that anymore!.

Eli. S. Jan 17, 2020     

I like the format well enough I guess, but 2 major issues 1. I got a notification last night that said something to the effect that my "reply limit" had been reached. What's that about? I was in the middle of a conversation and had no idea there even was such a thing 2. The distance settings either don't seem to work, or the app's definition of "nearby" is very liberal. Most of the posts I'm seeing are from people over 100km away, but that might just be a population issue.

Man. B. May 30, 2020     

It's a good application , concept is good , nice animation, you can meet up many people from different places and can learn about their culture and place. Giving 4 stars because , it very often disconnects me from chat and show somebody forgot to fuel . Would be happy if server error could be improved, but no other problem. Nice application

Kim. E. May 24, 2019     

I have a message from someone and I can't view or reply to it because I have to download the app first and I did but the messages and everything else weren't in sync with progress I had back on the Messenger app. Please fix this. You ask for the game ID and access to the FB account of the users! This should've helped sync or retrieve the progress when it was on Messenger. People would think they've been scammed and rob of private info if not fixed!

Mat. J. Jan 16, 2021     

Everytime I update this app, it become worse. The coins to collect everyday keeps decreasing, now you can only have 6coins a day. It's a bit inconvenient, especially for those who can't afford buying coins. Without it, you can't post, reply or even have a conversation. What's the point of installing this then? Also, the app is always slow. It will take this more than 10mins to operate. I can wait, but it happen everytime. There's a limit to patience. I hope you fix it immediately, thank you.

Ann. Feb 13, 2021     

I gained many new friends on this app! It has many features that you will surely enjoy. The feature that I like the most is their rooms wherein there is a speaker and an audience. It has no ads which is a great thing for me hahaha. It's kind of addicting at some point but then I managed to overcome it haha. I love you PF! Thank you for existing!!!

Phi. W. May 11, 2019     

The syncing of my player ID isnt allowed, it tells me the number is invalid and offers it for open view no where so I can no longer see messages. Who is going to go on a wild goose chase to find something a play app offers. This is whack. It didnt require the app the only time I used it before. I got a new phone, now to play on FB it requires an app to be installed? No. The Internet is officially doing too much. Terrible app. Terrible.

Sta. L. Mar 27, 2020     

It is a messy attempt to combine a varitey of elements from various applications into one lower grade version, I don't think this app really knows what it is doing, however it seems they are trying new stuff all the time in an attempt to eventually get it together. The way you are manipulated into trying this app via a fake message that tells you a friend has sent you a message that you have to download the app to see is incredibly shady as it is completly false & should be fixed asap though.

Mig. S. Mar 20, 2021     

absolute trash. the devs of this app should have just shut it down. it takes forever to connect when joining a room. earphones are no longer supported because people's voices are automatically set to loud speaker, because of this new "feature" i can no longer use the app while my siblings are asleep next to me. just a buggy mess. i sincerely hope this can get fixed. this used to be the perfect app. now it's just a ghost of its former self. disappointing, really.

Tyl. M. Oct 9, 2020     

Latest Updates are not as good as app was previously. I feel it is no longer about anonymous messaging. I can't connect with anyone. All it wants now is permission to record audio and make calls. I used to like this app but now its not as good. I used to like the anonymous messaging feature only, but now you get calls from random people? This is so weird, I deleted it.

Evo. Dec 21, 2019     

Got a message in Messenger saying I got a chat from an FB friend, making me install this app. But then, it seems like it was a lie or more like a BAIT for me to install this. That's the worst strategy ever. Deception won't work here. It was better in Facebook, to be honest. And in the sign up page, there's a bug. After filling up and clicking next, it takes me back to the previous page. WORST. And don't even bother telling me to contact customer support 'cause I won't. Uninstalling.

Amb. C. Jan 3, 2020     

Clickbait. Told me a FB friend wrote a message for me, so I downloaded the app - surprisingly, they didn't but I kept the app installed to see if it happens again. Got a message this morning saying the exact same, so I opened the app, and nothing... It looks like its a good app, but it is blatantly annoying with them saying on messenger a friend messaged you for the sake of a few downloads.

Cha. -. Dec 29, 2019     

Some of the functions don't actually work, like the drag to arrange photos, editing your stats on the profile (sometimes changes on their own). This app could really use an overhaul. I get the whole anonymous thing, but what's the point of not being able to see others profile on stories? I don't get how I can't set my preference for chat as well. I find it funny how finding an LGBTQ community is an option but you are only matched with the opposite sex on chat.

Jan. L. Aug 9, 2019     

You can't interact with anyone on this app unless you pay a subscription fee. That's literally the only way you can answer anyone. So now complete and total strangers have taken to answering in the form of posts in order to by pass this feature when the app should be free and that is a completely unnecessary charge. Maybe make a one time fee of a 1.00 to unlock it because NO ONE is gonna pay for a subscription to a terribly run app. lol

Ana. F. Dec 27, 2019     

Only giving three stars cause it's a nice app yet there are some issues. I've gotten messages and when I go to reply, they get deleted or something cause they don't show up in my inbox. Also it'd be nice to upload photos from gallery and not just a camera app. Please implement that eventually cause it would be way easier to upload pics that way. I also don't like how it's only showing me guys to chat with. It's as if you're making it a dating app, which is, honestly, uncomfortable.

Lex. A. May 12, 2019     

Don't waste your time. Profoundly was awesome when it worked within messenger! Now the developers have forced you to download the app To see your messages - but when you download the app you don't see the messages! Which makes the app useless. But they've also gone a step further and made it so that you can't access any messages without the app, which means the entire concept is void. How unfortunate, it was fun while it lasted.

Rya. P. May 27, 2019     

Was fun until they made it an actual app and made the process of playing more convoluted. Was sent a notice saying I had a message, tried to view it and was taken to an installation page, after installation there was no message to be found. Seems many other users experienced the same issue. I am suspicious this was a misleading attempt to get users to download their app.

Bly. B. Nov 29, 2019     

This is one of the most embarassing app that I've used. There's a lack of setting within this app!!! I can't change my setting because it says that "YOU CAN'T CHANGE THIS" before you're going to find chatmates, etc. Please update it. Please let all of the users have the right to change their own settings!!! I need to change all of my info in settings right now, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

lol. l. Jan 29, 2020     

I thought this was supposed to be an anonymous messaging feature between Facebook friends, not a dating site. Unintuitive. Laggy with updating notifications. You have to state yourself as either male or female, no other gender options available. Would never recommend this to anyone, and their censor seems to be somewhat heavy-handed. The words "dirty" and "weewee" are the examples that immediately spring to mind, and both can be used in innocent and/or childish contexts... Not recommended.

Joh. A. D. Mar 21, 2021     

No, just no. Like what? This app should have reached a milestone already if the developers listened to the suggestions. We, most of us, want the old features back in addition to the rooms. The anonymous message, the random chat, the daily coins, we want THESE. But what we have now is a room for 4 individuals, can't use the earphones, and we can't listen to spotify, and the issue of unresponsiveness STILL exist. You'll lose users with this update. Might not be a big deal for now.😉

Avy. K. May 29, 2020     

The app has a great layout and it's a great platform that completes its purpose. The one thing that really bugs me is that even though it says I have 47 likes, those people never end up showing up on my list of people to swipe on. And I find that people match with me only after I swipe first most ofFull Review

Mar. H. Feb 27, 2020     

I was hoping to solve a problem (not being able to see pictures and loading feeds really late) by logging out and back in just to not be able to log back in?! And when I try signing up via mobile # it won't let me upload a photo or make a new account. I'm not sure what's going on.... let me know when ya fix it. I actually spend a lot of time on the app.

Rom. A. K. Jun 7, 2020     

Great app for passing time but if you want to find a person or chat mate near your location it does not give you that option for free cause you need to use coins so you can chat with a person near your location. While if you will use the free search you cannot find a person just nearby to you that's the main reason I'm giving this app a 2 star rating. It sucks if you want to find someone nearby. Please fix that I already added my exaxt location but the app won't allow me to find someone nearby.

Mic. C. Feb 27, 2020     

Can't log in. It keeps saying login using facebook is unsuccessful. Using mobile it changes to uploading a photo before the code it gives even arrives. There is no way to go back. And when I add aphoto that upload fails and I can't go forward. I already have an account so I just need to sign in not create a new account but that is not even an option.