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Puppy World

Puppy World is a Dogs Raising, Breeding Mania, Dog center Builder free 2 play fun game for kids, boys and girls.Start a magical tour with your favorite pet Dogs. Create a Dog Center full of adorable and friendly Dogs by adopting them, feeding them, and watching them grow up. Share your Dog Park full of adorable Dogs with your friends and help each other with gifts. You can even CROSSBREED your Dogs to create new and exciting types! You can also create houses for builders, assign them work, have pet Dogs and fight against enemies. Each Dog has its own special skills and personality, choose your team wisely. Collect, raise, and battle your way to greatness in this insanely addictive adventure game!
Features include:
- Free 2 play!
- A wide variety of exciting Dogs.-Grow your Dogs into epic form and explore an exciting world!-A fully customizable dog park and care center.-Custom elemental habitats for your Dogs.-Decorations, paths, and amenities for your visitors.-Dog food factories to grow foods for your pet Dogs.-Stages where your Dogs can compete for prizes.-Beautiful, colorful visuals and amazing animations.
- A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisingly realistic results!-Original exciting soundtrack.-Collect your dream team of Dogs and take them to battle!

Category : Casual

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