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Pyramid Solitaire is a nice fun card game from VascoGames. In this solitaire game the goal is to make the highest possible combinations and as fast as possible
INSTRUCTIONS FOR PYRAMID SOLITAIREMove all the cards to the waste pile (the opened pile at the bottom). You can only move a card that is adjacent to the topmost card on the pile (A and K are considered adjacent). You can also open a card on the tableau( (the covered cards at the bottom) and put it on the waste pile. You got a 180 seconds to clear as much levels as possible.

CARD GAME FANS OUT THERE ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHALLENGE!Do you like brain training puzzles, card games and board games and you love a challenge then give pyramid solitaire a try. Share your high score and see if you can beat the best players out there!

HOURS OF SOLITAIRE GAME FUNPyramid solitaire isn't the easiest solitaire card game. To get the highest score in this card game can take hours. And of course you are not the only one out there playing so it can be your latest score is beaten within hours.

THIS PYRAMID SOLITAIRE GAME FEATURES- Time pressure (get a the highest score in 180 seconds)- Brainteaser- Pyramid Solitaire is a challenge - Beautiful graphics- Compete with world-wide players- Compete with your friends - Hours of game fun

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