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Write in phonetic English text and the Q2A App will convert the text to native Amharic script in Geʽez letters, which means you don't need an Amharic keyboard.

The Q2A App is inspired by Qubee phonetic writing of the Oromo language (Afan Oromo). Q2A User Interface (UI) is entirely in Afan Oromo. If you prefer bilingual English/Afan Oromo UI, there is a related App by the name Q2S which is identical to Q2A except for the additional English UI.

There is an integrated Help which will help you master phonetic writing in no time. There is also a setting for adjusting the font size to your liking from small size to very large characters.

WHAT THIS APP IS NOT: This app is not a word-processor and not optimized for heavy-duty editing of large texts. It's intended for editing short text snippets that you can post to social media and the like. The latest version will allow you to save as many as 10 snippets and if necessary you can break up a large text this way. It is our intention to refactor the app for large text editing in the future.

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