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QR Code & Barcode: Scanner, Reader, Creator

QR Code Reader is a free scan QRcode application, it is both barcode scanner, QR code scanner, QR code generator.

QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy to use; simply point to QR or barcode you want to scan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No need to press any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom.

QRcode Reader free is optimized for QRcode / Barcode decoding . QRcode Reader is an ultimate barcode reader app for any Android device. Enjoy all the benefit by scanning QRcode / barcode from everywhere to access promotion and coupon .

The QR Code Reader app can scan and read all QRcode types including text, url, address , contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.

You can scan any code you want, the application will decode and display the scanned information to you as quickly and accurately.

QR Code Generator application can generate QR code types and allows you to save, share code you just created.

Barcode Scanner is best supported for Android devices. Enjoy all the benefits of scanning QR codes /barcode everytime, everywhere.

To scan QR code, simply open the application, align code. QRcode Reader will automatically recognize any code. When scanning the QR, if the code contains a URL, you can open browser to the site by press browser button. If the code contains only text, you can instantly see.

Feature of QR code reader and generator
- Make QR codes in multi colors
- Scan QR code directly from Gallery
- Scan QR code from another apps(Share items)
- Easily scan QR code and generate code
- Powerful QR decode speed
- QR code generator allow you to complicate information, create codes for messages, wifi, phone numbers, location and share with friends.
- Generate QR code for some of text, a web link
- Create QR code for the message you want to send to your friends or relatives
- Generate code for the directions map where you will go and share it with everyone.
- Create QR from contacts or bookmarks for your friend to scan it on their device
- Barcode Scanner allows you to view detailed product information by QRcode at stores, supermarkets, ...
- QR code scanner does not need Internet connection to scan QR/ barcode
- The QR code generator can saves and shares code you just encrypted
- Save QR history, filter support and search your QR scan history
- Code: EQS, QRCode Data Matrix,Quick Code, EAN8, Code39, Code128...

QR code scanner is widely used to decode QR/barcode such as ISBN, EAN, UPC, matrix data and other codes.
QR code reader is designed with the permission of the camera. If you are interested in security, this is the application that scans the code you need. It is safe and fully compatible with Android devices
The barcode scanner is comparable to a professional QRcode reader, QR code reader. QR code scanner is very fast and especially free.

If you have any questions or problem want to fix, Please mail me.

Your 5-stars ratting make us feel food let us have motivation to make more the best free apps.

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Reviews (30)

Phi. M. May 1, 2019     

i would rate this higher if you could save and tag your search for future reference. this i can not do and there is no method detailed. As far as the app goes it is far superior to the rest that i have tried but still needs work, if save does not function in free version, then it should be stated. A good app 3, save and tag would be a 5 app I find its capacity very good and would suggest well worth a look. by P.M.S.

S.. H. Dec 12, 2019     

Since they bug you to rate them I give it 2 stars I've only used it once and still just looking around. They should give an you more time. Trying to find a QR code that will show Business name Couple sentences Buss phone # linked And company webpage linked And IT WONT LET YOU CREATE A CONTACT WITHOUT AN EMAIL ADDY FOR THAT CONTACT So unless for me in that. And needs a shift key for next line Finding it difficult to arrange text guessing how many. Spaces to next line. To arrange text

A. G. u. Dec 30, 2018     

The best QR App so far, easy to use and not full of pop ups every seconds. dose contains ads but not annoying

A. G. u. Mar 12, 2019     

i found this app better than any other I've tried. it has worked every time its been used and is very fast. QR codes bar codes and now search option!! wont be looking for another - dont need to.

Ril. Dec 2, 2018     

Why is "hello" copied to my clipboard every time I launch this app? Also, I cannot allow camera access for some reason, so I have never gotten past that point.

Ron. T. Nov 15, 2019     

The QR worked great from the first attempt. Tested and scanned it and took me to my website. Worked great.

Noe. S. May 3, 2019     

there is no access for wifi connection, you're only copying my password just to connect on wi fi in this case it is vulnerable to other people to use my internet better not to know what my password is to avoid from suckers

Ric. H. Feb 29, 2020     

I bought the Pro version, it's kinda slow in scanning capturing the QR Code! Come back to me, I give you back your 5th star...

Tod. E. Jan 27, 2020     

It good so far this is not on my mobile that i use it won't let me in its just showing me EMERGENCY So if you can help me that would be absolutely Great many thanks my name is Jacqueline east

Cur. D. Mar 28, 2020     

Hey guy's get this App, Works Great n No Stall Time Fast plus Accountability on pricing. Please Keep up the Great work.

Ama. G. Jan 13, 2020     

Super easy and does exactly as described which hardly EVER happends!

A. G. u. Feb 3, 2019     

This ap is standard, quick. I can save easily Thanks ad

Mik. S. Jun 8, 2019     

Great QR, bar code app. I really like the QR templates.

Fah. H. Nov 5, 2019     

This app is easy to use, very friendly app. Should have this app for pro version

Quy. C. Aug 28, 2019     

it is a good Qr/barcode scanner/creator without ads

Huy. N. Đ. G. U. Mar 14, 2019     

This app is so good, stable, quick. Thanks ad

Pra. K. Oct 17, 2021     

This is on of the best app qr creator. It is a very simple process use this app and i say this app very helpful in my daily life.

A. G. u. Dec 6, 2018     

The best scanner app. good job

Ric. N. Mar 18, 2019     

It is so easy for use! Thanks ad!

A. G. u. Dec 16, 2018     

Could not be simpler. Awesome app.

Đức. N. Mar 18, 2019     

I have pleasured with this ap! Quickly and exactly. Many thanks

Igw. P. Mar 20, 2020     

Only gives you the password but you can't directly connect

Mik. B. Oct 30, 2019     

Not so user friendly, but it does a good job.

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2018     

Great! So useful ! Thanks ad

liy. n. Jun 18, 2020     

Easy to use. Everytime everywhere

Jas. J. Jul 2, 2019     

good for searching product bar code.

Anh. N. Mar 18, 2019     

Thanks ad very much for helpfull ap!

Jim. J. Nov 21, 2019     

A very good app and it's easy to use

Gar. F. n. Feb 14, 2020     

Easy for me had 4 brain tumors but I like it Thank YOUU UH

NIS. 7. A. R. N. K. V. Jul 26, 2021     

Zero no use don't install this app time waste and your deta also