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QR Code Reader - Barcode Scanner

QR Code Reader - Barcode Scanner is the fastest scanning QR app in the store.
This is lite version that removed almost all permissions, app size is also very small that does not take much your phone storage.

Key features:
- QRcode Reader
- Barcode Scanner.
- Flashlight supported for low-light environments.
- You can also scan the code from image, photo in gallery, its awesome!
- Supported Code : EQS, QRCode Data Matrix, Quick Code, EAN8, Code39, Code128, ISBN, EAN, UPC, ...
- History & favorite tabs.
- Identify all type of QR code: Email, text, url, wifi password, phone number, contact, location ...

If you want to add your product code to help user easily to find it in our app, simply go to http://barcodelive.org, create an account then add your product.

Thank you for downloading & using our apps.

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Reviews (30)

Mic. S. Jan 23, 2020     

Very reliable and since Android P took out QR coding from a quick shortcut in the camera all, it's way easier to go with a specific QR coding app.

Art. F. Dec 19, 2018     

this seems like a good app. its extremely fast and easy to use. i would like an add free version if it was reasonably priced.

Dar. D. Jan 21, 2020     

Only scanned codes as text. It's bad enough I don't know what I'm doing but I really know that how this app scans was of no use to me. Back to the store for a better app

Reb. S. Apr 24, 2019     

I am able to proof printed barcodes before sending to customer. it improves our quality process. great tool.

Fra. K. May 11, 2019     

easy to set-up once paired with my phone but yet to see how the U fit app works.

A. G. u. Dec 7, 2018     

It is my first time using one of these apps and I am so surprised at how fast it picks up the image. I am very very happy with this.

Lar. K. Nov 26, 2021     

Code reader works well. Enjoy using it, no problems so far. Thanks🙃 Larry

Kil. B. K. Aug 8, 2019     

scan just wants to sms a message of a file in number file name and I haven't been able to see what the Barcode scan results for any of the ones I tried so far I am a endure so, we'll u know

LaF. P. Apr 16, 2020     

The app did what it was designed to do but the company could not be contacted so I don't know if the help site was fake.

fre. c. Jan 4, 2019     

i got nice scanner. when i tried to scan it show what item you have scan, when you browse it on website

Eva. S. Feb 13, 2019     

Took a picture of the bar and it quickly found the link to the item!

E.A. M. Apr 12, 2019     

First time user to scan anything to find the website. This worked great!

she. Jul 2, 2019     

amazing app but the age is alway showing 18 even after setting the birthday. the rest of the things are ok

R.E. B. Mar 3, 2019     

Overall app is very easy to use and it is very accurate for what I have used it for.. I like the app.

H. G. Jun 11, 2021     

Awful awful app, sends me constant ads no matter what I do, it's like downloading a stalker

har. b. Nov 4, 2019     

So far it seems to work well. Wish it would give prices at my local grocery.

Mar. g. f. B. Oct 3, 2019     

Works well all you have to do is point your phone, and the app does the rest

Kas. K. Sep 1, 2019     

Great and first time scan and it is working.

Ver. B. Aug 24, 2020     

Works very well. Nice interface too.

Dav. T. Dec 5, 2020     

Fantastic game thank you for creating such a good shoot them up as this all the best

Kis. D. B. Dec 19, 2018     

Very quick scanner. Liked it.

Ant. P. Jul 10, 2019     

hard to use. does not scan well.

sya. j. Jan 15, 2019     

A handy and reliable barcode scanner, thankyou sir

Stu. P. Feb 20, 2021     

Wanted to read two types of barcode and did it with no problem

Bel. C. Dec 31, 2019     

Very user friendly interface!

Ant. C. H. Sep 22, 2019     

Easy installation and power full tools. Improve our secure homes.

Yvo. W. Sep 19, 2019     

Quick download and easy to use.

Mar. M. Jun 21, 2019     

Tried a couple of other scanners.This one actually works.

Ran. H. Mar 11, 2022     

Failed to produce effect results on simple standard run of the mill use.

Riy. N. R. Sep 10, 2020     

Easy to use and accurate