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QR Code Reader & Generator / Barcode Scanner

To use quick scan, you can add QR Code Reader icon to your Quick Settings menu.

Features of QR Code Reader:
• Scan QR Codes, quickly read all QR Codes.
• Barcode Scanner.
• Create custom QR code.
• Create Contacts QR code to share.
• Flashlight supported for low-light environments.
• Recognize code within pictures.
• Scan/Generate history supported.
• Support Quick Settings for quick scan.

Usage Guide:
1. Open QR Code Reader App.
2. Align the Code, QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code/Barcode.
3. If the code contains a text, you can instantly see, or if the code contains URL, you can open the browser to the site.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (30)

pau. b. Dec 4, 2019     

Ads way too in you face, tested it on my lottery ticket to see if it works, ads were way in your face, could not figure out how to turn them off (except for the ad that covered the whole screen ) this is not a good advertisement if a potential buyer cannot even use it even once..... Maybe you could put a lim on how many times it can be used.. I gave up after 9 attempts

lul. q. May 27, 2022     

Very easy to use efficient and reliable

moh. r. Jan 19, 2022     

Effective, accurate and fast & easy to use

S0F. Apr 28, 2021     

fine! i needed this for some polarr filters! - despite all the un-needed adverts, this is a great app to rely on. give it a go, most people just straight away say its bad but really it isn't!

Wil. B. Jan 26, 2020     

I haven't found this app useful at all. I scan the code and all I get is a great big commercial in the middle of the screen. Anything I click on takes me to the commercials site.

Luk. j. Oct 22, 2019     

The best. if only it had encryption mode, where you could set a password, and content would be unable to open without the required password.

Nis. s. Feb 13, 2022     

Nice app but the ads are really disturbing...

Pri. J. Feb 22, 2020     

I've honestly used this app for a years and I've never had an issue and I love the features of this app like we can keep track of the QR codes we visited or dark mode, etc and it's always fast and easy

Pra. Jun 18, 2020     

Its really a helpful app,we can geberate as well as scan QR code. To overcome ads just turn off your data and work everything is just awesome🙏I will recommend everyone to install this app...My QR code was generated in few seconds

mus. h. Sep 15, 2021     

I really love this app. I just didn't had polarr so I wanted to scan some codes and edit pictures. And surprisingly it worked! I recommend you all!

Geo. K. May 22, 2020     

installed and tried 5 times to do what it is supposed to do. To scan a QR. But couldn't make it due to popping ads everywhere. Instantly uninstalled and found a working solution

Cla. D. A. Jul 14, 2019     

Great app. You should download it. I really love the graphics and total layout of the app. Just the ads hehez

Mar. G. Sep 6, 2021     

This QR code reader is very nice immediately I installed this app I tried it on a certain product and I got to know that it's original so it helps you to identify fake products. That is what I can say.

Ash. B. M. Dec 4, 2019     

Useless application full of ads helples. Installing it is a waste of time. One day I will be a developer and my first app will be far more better than this helples app 😣

SUR. C. May 24, 2020     

Worst app & so many aids, And if you want to remove the advertisement, then you have to pay for it.They are taking this money to remove the advertisement as if our job is to scan the QR code all day.

BAL. B. Apr 6, 2020     

Very good application, user friendly and user interface is also very good..!!

Kut. F. Feb 28, 2019     

Very good. My kind request to give option for resize qr code. At present we cant resize to small. Plz. Add this. This is fast generating qr code. Thanks.

S. S. Oct 2, 2020     

Stupid app with stupid ads. Ads just ridiculous 🙄 and have to wait until the ads finish. Wasting of time.

ram. j. Jan 8, 2020     

I am very loved it . QR code generator are occurate when scan many other scanners. Logo attachment very useful for promotional

Jua. C. T. Sep 10, 2020     

Great. Just has ads which is in everything free app out there. But still. Awesome for what's needed.

ILO. Aug 30, 2020     

Deliberately putting terrible ads (incl. video takeover ads) everywhere to "force" you to buy it. Good app but the ads suck.

Jee. R. Aug 24, 2021     

This app is cool. actually I want some pollar filter for my editing it's easy to use I reccomend this app u should try it ones

Adn. F. Aug 29, 2020     

Very good app but doesnt connect to wifi after scanning code click to connect to internet but does nothing.

RAk. k. Feb 21, 2020     

Ask for too many permission in the phone. It ask to acces those area of phone which are irrelevant to the functions it performs.

Lim. H. H. Jun 3, 2020     

Its a great way to generate qr code. Still learning how to add pictures on to the qr code.

Zer. G. Sep 6, 2020     

Love it great app over all sometimes it shows some inappropriate ads on the bottom but it's rare over all great app

Nob. s. Sep 22, 2021     

Nice app... Good performance and there were no ads when I get into the app... I'm not sure about this but I'm quite interested

The. S. Aug 26, 2019     

Simple to use. But the ads are spoiling the interface.

Lou. A. Aug 28, 2020     

Too f slow I feel like a fool trying so hard to align qr and waited for 10 seconds. O Uninstall and will try other qr apps

The. n. i. R. Oct 31, 2019     

Generating QR code should be better Not just only text But also should have options to fill blanks like name phone number state district country and many more Like payment app So many features like QR code generator have thank