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Quicky Transit

Quicky Transit: Bus and train real-time arrivals, maps, and more β€” quickly! Now works in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. SF Muni, AC Transit, LA Metro Bus and Rail, King County Metro, and the PAT Bus Pittsburgh Port Authority are all fully supported.
Find all the closest stops near you, and all the routes that serve them. Tap on a route to get a map with stops and GPS vehicle locations, or set an alarm to let you know when your ride is five minutes away. And, keep your favorite stops at your fingertips!

I created Quicky (formerly QuickMuni) as a little hobby project, just for Android. I hope you like it!

- See the next buses and trains arriving at nearby stops, based on live GPS data

- Tap on any route icon to see a live map with route, vehicle locations, and all stops

- Alarms! Tap on predictions to set up an alarm.

- Search! Enter a Stop ID # or intersection to get arrivals at just one platform.

- Amazingly simple user interface -
- Android only, and better than any Muni app your iFriends have

- No ads, no user tracking, and completely free. This app is my "gift" because transit users have a rought enough time already!

- Quicky sorts everything nearby and always shows the closest street corners and stations first. So, all at once you can see every route that serves a stop. You click less and get what you need faster.

Designed just for Android! You'll feel right at home using Quicky. SFMTA Muni, AC Transit, and LA Metro data feeds come from the NextMuni web service. King County Metro uses OneBusAway.

See the Quicky webpage at http://billyc.github.io/quicky for more information. Cheers!

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Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

E. Apr 3, 2020     

This was a fantastic, simple app that did everything perfectly. Unfortunately, it stopped working for my bus route over the past few days, and resetting and reinstalling the app doesn't fix it. I'm happy it lasted this long after it was EOL'd. Special thanks to Billy for Quicky. We'll miss it!

Mar. O. Jul 20, 2019     

I would love to give it a 5*. I really loved this app. It's been with me for a long time. No ads plus i love the lay out but lately, the muni buses 30, 45 and 8 on 4th street and market (inbound to Caltrain) cannot be found on the predictions. I hope they update it. Now i have to use another app just for those buses going inbound to caltrain. Anyone amongst the developers who can update it?πŸ™please

Mar. U. Oct 3, 2020     

It was the best muni app. By far. Great layout, great functionality. And it still would be. But now it seems abandoned. No predictions for about any stop any more. Sad, to see this go. 5 starts for what is was while it worked.

Dan. D. Jul 5, 2021     

Needs an update to restore functionality in SF. Lots of predictions missing. These predictions are on the muni-provided site, so the issue is with the app. It's a great app when it works. Used it for years.

Jac. M. C. Oct 16, 2020     

Haven't found a Muni app that compares or surpasses this one. The maps are still working but prediction times for muni stops has ceased functioning. As-free and incredibly useful. I'll miss you, Quicky app!

Pet. D. Mar 30, 2019     

This quiky transist app is the best muni schedule app I've ever downloaded. I have been using the muni watch app for my i-pad and this app is so amazing in acurate with the time colapse to tell the user when the next buses arrive but I could not find it on google app market for my android smartphone. Since that I tried many other muni apps on the google market but they were all suck. Some inacurate,some even worse with pop up ads to get on my nerve when i open the app. Finally,QT the best free ap

Jon. D. Jul 16, 2021     

This *was* a 5-star app but it stopped working earlier this week for SF Muni after Muni did a software update. I contacted the developer to ask if he could update the app and he said he hasn't updated it in 5 years and is amazed it even still works! So, though I would like to thank him for making a great app, as he told me, it's time to find a new app.

Jam. S. May 15, 2019     

AC Transit changed their prediction service from nextbus to ACT, so apps that used nextbus can no longer give predictions for ac transit buses. It isn't the apps' developers' fault. I hope Quicky and other apps can update. But Quicky is still good for Muni! Good luck, Billy!

Sig. D. Nov 16, 2020     

App no longer shows near by stops. If you search for the stop works fine but to do that each time is a waste of time.

Pau. R. U. Sep 1, 2021     

Google store remove this worthless app that hasn't been updated in 5 years!!! SF MUNI, METRO, and BART give a chronic error "unable to fetch data" because the developer has refused to update the app!!! Again, please remove this app from your store!!!

Pat. R. Sep 24, 2018     

I've used it for years, but lately it takes about five seconds of use before it crashes and has to be restarted. Useful app, but I wish it still worked!

El. G. Sep 27, 2021     

this was the best s/w for transit, Hands Down! Served many years so well and saved so many headaches. Thanks so much to the developer fot this app. This person/team did a great jobe on this app!

Pet. T. Sep 14, 2021     

Everythime I try 2 use quicky it says unable 2 fetch data the old quicky was right on time. This quicky is awful. I am very disappointed ☹️

joh. c. Jul 23, 2021     

The fact that an update on the apps author end hasn't been done in 5 years is amazing. Bravo!

Dai. Z. Jul 29, 2021     

Most of the time this works but I guess SFMTA's gps is down for upgrades since the new underground train project is nearly complete.

Mr. D. Jul 4, 2019     

Please update 30/45/8 bus going to caltrain going down 4th rather than 5th so I can upgrade to 5 star review as this app is amazing and much better than the 311 bs

A. G. u. Jan 10, 2019     

Quickly quickly shows accurate arrival times for whichever location I'm at so i know whether or not i need to run for the train or i can stroll.

Gre. H. Aug 5, 2021     

Unfortunately this app is no longer in service the person who design this app relocated to another state same with the staff.

Eri. M. Sep 3, 2021     

This used to be a great app. But it doesn't work anymore, and hasn't for over a year. RIP.

Ant. F. Jul 15, 2021     

One of the best transit apps for SF MUNI but they stopped updating

J. V. Jul 14, 2021     

Really accurate at first, then just randomly crashed

Bec. B. Apr 27, 2019     

It used to work fine but for a few days now it just keeps saying "no predictions for this stop". πŸ™„πŸ˜’

Mat. T. Jun 21, 2019     

I've tried all the MUNI apps. This one is absolutely the best.

Sar. J. Oct 15, 2021     

This app no longer works, please remove from the app store

Wil. Q. Apr 11, 2019     

best real time transit app on android and iOS

Jin. Aug 13, 2019     

Most accurate android app for realtime transit tracking in SF

Ric. J. Nov 8, 2018     

Great transit app for the San Francisco Bay Area.

e. r. Jul 28, 2019     

much better than other transit apps.

Kim. W. Jul 17, 2019     

Fav until i discovered missing stops for the k/t line

PJ. K. Nov 3, 2019     

Been using this app for years. Thanks so much. Definitely recommend it