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Quizizz: Quiz Games for Learning

Quizizz is used by more than 10 million students, teachers and parents—for learning at home and in the classroom.

Choose from millions of free quiz games covering every subject, including mathematics, English, science, history, geography, world languages, and general knowledge topics. You will find everything you need to study for school and beyond.

Compete with friends online, and customize your games with themes, music, memes, and more!

Quizizz works great for learning at school:
- Use our multiplayer quiz game to have the whole class play together, or assign homework for individual practice.
- Pick from our collection of teacher-created quizzes, so you don't have to make your own.
- Read aloud and other accessibility features so everyone can participate.
- Seamless integration with learning management systems.

Prepare for tests and exams:
- Whether you're preparing for the SAT, ACT or AP exams, you'll find great free content to help you study.
- Track your progress using our helpful reports.
- Play and compete with friends to make learning more interesting!

Learn about your favorite topics:
- Education doesn't stop in the classroom, use our app to learn on the go.
- Whether it's current affairs, sports, literature or general knowledge trivia, you'll find great quizzes to keep you informed (and entertained!)

We would love your feedback! Reach out to us at support@quizizz.com.

If you enjoy the app, please leave us a review— it means a lot!

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

x. S. Apr 22, 2022     

It is very well made for a mobile app. There are a few things that could be optimized such as the default size of images attached to questions, but this is my on the go go-to for my studies. I have used this for multiple semesters in college and continue to choose Quizizz because of the option to "write-in" answers at the free tier. Kahoot and Quizlet do not allow it, but that one feature helps when I have to know how to spell things related to my nursing courses.

Al-. T. M. Apr 3, 2022     

I just installed this app and it's overall great and fun, it helped me with school and remembering things as to studying. But one thing's that kept bugging me while using this app is when the screen tilts horizontal everytime (even with orientation lock activated) you move your phone slightly. I'd love for you to fix this problem it's so uncomfortable everytime it tilts.

waj. b. May 16, 2022     

It is the best app ever!!!!! I love to create quizes for my brother on it and best of all I use it for my preparation for my tests. There are so many quizes that you can take to improve knowledge I just took one for my preparation for EOY exams. It is amazing honest opinion during online my english teacher made us play it as a class it was so much fun. Quizizz is the best way of learning. I really recommend it for all ages(who know how to read obviously) *Keep It Up Quizizz*

Pon. L. C. Feb 2, 2022     

This app gets 5 stars from me. It's especially useful now that we're in an online class. It's fantastic, entertaining, and educational. It's hard since it contains a timer that you must answer rapidly to stay awake, and it can help you develop critical thinking skills. It also features a leaderboard where you can see who is at the top of the list. It will helps to teachers in providing thrilling, exciting, and enjoyable quizzes to their students.

S. K. P. Mar 20, 2022     

Needs to state clearly in the description that you can only play this Live against real people. // I don't have any friends and I don't "go to school" but I still wanted to learn and test myself... So I can't use this app. I thought there could be a mode where you can just play against yourself... but nope. There's no Offline mode either... so you're gonna firstly need friends, and secondly need a strong wi-fi connection. // This app is NOT inclusive at all. :(

Jyo. N. Apr 2, 2022     

Wow!! This is an awesome game for studying. It helps me learn and play at the same time. It has a variety of fun quizzes and topics. I recommend that you install this app if you want to learn and revise concepts

Ran. S. Apr 7, 2022     

It's nice, I just hate the powerups... But the amazing thing is you can disable them from the teacher's device. Other than that, the apps is good. No ads at all👍🏻

Ran. B. Apr 3, 2022     

Excellent. Quizizzz focuses on fun learning which is, deemed quite essential in these competitive days. It nourishes as well as enhances the knowledge capacity of people and encompasses the need to be excellent

Mar. -. Mar 15, 2022     

It's so much fun and parents can use this too. It's GREAT for school. And They don't bother you with ads. Cause they are NO ads. I love using this app for studying and testing myself with other people's created quizzes.BEST APP EVER!!!! 😱👍😫👌

Sam. n. S. Apr 5, 2022     

It is so AMAZING,my teacher used this as there was an observation and the observation went SUPER WELL thanks for this app my teacher used this and it is so fun there is also a timer when u answer so u really have to answer it to get to the top of the leaderboard so u really have to sit straight have ur mind set up so u can answer correctly and here I am downloading it too. Thanks for my teacher too I would never know this is it wasn't for her imma play it with my friends and everybody thats all

Ros. M. Mar 19, 2022     

This is a great app. The only thing need an update is the app is not showing all the quiz of the creator. You need to logout and log back in then it will ahow you everything. Then after takinv a quiz it will hide some of the quiz again then log out login.

jul. a. May 8, 2022     

It's really easy to use.But my only problem is that I struggle to find my grade. Otherwise i love it so much because I can find do many questions that I find in my tests (especially English)😉😉

Uka. D. May 9, 2022     

The app is easy to use and it makes learning easier and fun. I love the idea of the creators of this app. No glitches, no ads and no bugs. Thanks so much

Ann. s. a. m. Apr 16, 2022     

This app is really amazing 🤩. I have a school quiz of History📖 and it's really helping me. I love this educational app. Please everyone whoever has an exam or quiz download and learn from this app. It's awesome.

wii. s. May 28, 2022     

Nice app, I don't get any ads on this app. I always use this to practice my study, there's a lot of quiz.

Mar. L. Feb 2, 2022     

I gave 5 stars to this educational application because it is very useful and exciting to use. This application is very useful to our teachers for today's mode of learning because it helps the teachers assess if the students are learning from the discussion and also assign homework. Also, this application is very fun to use because of the time pressure and the leaderboard that shows the result of each question.

Aar. R. P. Feb 26, 2022     

This is a very nice and useful app. We can play quiz on any topic on this app. We can on or off music, timer, powerups. We can change meme set and also we can create meme set but only in website and not in app. We can also make quiz. It helps to examine myself. It helps me to prepare myself for my exams. ☺️

Khr. V. Feb 2, 2022     

Quizizz App is very useful not only for us students but also for teachers. This app helps the students to enjoy playing while learning at the same time. Teachers also use this app to hype or boost the attention of the students, because this helps the students enjoy while taking tests. Teachers can use this to execute their exams in creative manner. This helps them to create a rapport with students because of the interaction while they are playing in the app.

Jak. Z. Feb 14, 2022     

It's good but my main gripes are 1) you can't view classes or there is no dedicated tab for it and 2) opening a shared link does not directly open the quiz in my experience. Please improve on classes feature for mobile. I love the idea of not sharing links and just putting everyone in one group, posting all the quizzes there.

Apr. C. L. Jan 30, 2022     

Hello. Your app is the best! This app is my dream come true. Almost perfect app. I just want a suggestion for hosts of quizzes or games to have an OPTIONAL prices for winners and an optional raffle for some for participating in the game or quiz. Please make the quiz or game either live or not. It would also be very exciting to give the host of quiz or game a money as a thanksgiving for the interesting quiz or game. Please also have a quiz or game that you exchange questions to each other.

abh. a. Mar 1, 2022     

Use the Quizizz app to learn anything, anywhere. You can study on your own or engage in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations—in person and remotely. Quizizz is used by more than 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices around the world. REALLY WORTH IT

Par. B. May 1, 2022     

This app is good for learning and it has too many quizzes and lessons to learn from it, there are not too much ads and it is free to use I love this app.

Kaw. L. May 14, 2022     

I love Quizziz. But I'm not a big fan of this mobile app. I feel that it's just easier and better to join Quizziz from your browser then from here. It's laggier in the app and doesnt show your rankings.

Lau. F. S. Feb 23, 2022     

It's been very glitchy this past 2 weeks or so, the format (User Interface) is smaller(?) than it should be. It usually looks nice and systematically placed, please fix this issue.

Pio. A. Feb 2, 2022     

I gave 4 stars because it has more modern graphics than other programs this application really helps learning to be more fun thats why sometimes i treat it as a game and enjoy it just as much, but the countdown when entering the live quiz is sometimes buggy

sha. k. Apr 16, 2022     

This is such an awesome app it has so many feature that kahoot doesnt have AND its free and it doesnt have any bugs or glitches its the best live quiz app out there

Mal. J. R. D. C. Feb 2, 2022     

After using this application, I am giving this Four stars. Nowadays, we all know that this is an important online tool that allows our teachers to conduct different formative assessments in a fun and engaging way which the students need a focus and more review. Four stars because it has a few seconds to answer. But to make it short, I enjoy a little bit in answering questions in this application.

Yas. Mar 9, 2022     

It's really very helpful app for childrens. I had a exam and for revision I used this app and I was also able to learn more new things!! And you can find any chapter and subject quizzes!!

11_. A. W. X. Apr 1, 2022     

Since i figured out how fun is quiziz. I stopped playing video game instead of do that i play and learn in quiziz !. You change my life !. But please the app size... Consider making lite version :(

nas. s. Feb 12, 2022     

Ahhh... just obsessed to it... addicted to it... like one of the best applications I have ever seen... helps me study... examine myself... but some time doesn't show up the correct points even if I click the correct answer... if this bug was fixed earlier ... I would have given 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ... never mind 😁