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R-ORG (Turk-Arabic Keyboard)

You will have virtual org program with our new program r-org

Also available in ready-made song notes, you can play songs by looking at these notes.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (27)

Rae. S. Apr 20, 2020     

I like its Turkish sounds and rhythms as well But as an arabic Keyboardist, it's not arabic at all and it contains only one style "maqam" Hope they can extend its features in future

A. G. u. Nov 12, 2018     

this app is amazing,beautiful sounds, I like it thank you.

Ars. S. Mar 15, 2020     

I can't enter this app

NSR. Nov 27, 2016     

I put this on my tablet and play Turkish hard bopp jazz with it for an alt. country hip hop band in Hoboken.

Wor. S. May 9, 2018     

i love you developer Thanks good luck app

was. m. Dec 22, 2017     

Keys have slow respond

sci. g. Sep 26, 2016     

Good thing

A. G. u. Oct 7, 2017     


Hay. K. Oct 20, 2014     

It's a really good app I loved the rythems and the sounds .. but please fix the key pressing errors cuz it ruined everything .. and it will be great if you add the option of selecting the quart tone key by yourself

Lau. W. Mar 31, 2015     

Great sounds! I would like to buy to get rid of the ads but I cannot read Turkish.

mal. Sep 16, 2015     

ads blocks thr page and dorsnt vanish..

Ram. M. Apr 4, 2015     

Idea is good but you cant play tones with delay!

Ant. B. Jun 23, 2015     

I love it... excllente

Jen. P. May 6, 2015     

This sucks!:(

Ali. J. Apr 26, 2016     

Hello it's nice

Tar. E. Jan 4, 2015     

Love it

Ahm. H. B. Mar 5, 2015     


moh. k. Apr 22, 2015     

the best

Ami. M. Aug 23, 2014     

Very good I love it

Bur. O. Sep 28, 2014     

This is the beginnig

شاپ. د. پ. Aug 22, 2014     

Thanks a lot, its best and perfect.

ظاف. ا. Jul 18, 2014     

Music is beautiful and sweet and the tools change the sound, but I know something where you Atarafona claimed to tell you there is a piano in the sign located under glass to search them and chose google will Dahr you chose the title and link will link had

Aar. C. Jul 22, 2014     

Hi, This app needs multi touch. Thanks. God bless. Aaron

Ahm. G. Apr 7, 2014     

Great set of apps.

oro. a. Jul 12, 2014     

Nice must have

Asi. J. Mar 5, 2014     

Love it

NAB. G. May 27, 2014