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Radar & Sonar Engineering

The app is a complete free handbook of Radar & Sonar Engineering which covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for electronics, communication & Aerospace engineering programs & degree courses.
This useful App lists 174 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 6 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals.

The app provides quick revision and reference to the important topics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for the student or a professional to cover the course syllabus quickly before an exams or interview for jobs.

Track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.

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Use this useful engineering app as your tutorial, digital book, a reference guide for syllabus, course material, project work, sharing your views on the blog.

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

1. Introduction to RADAR2. Radar Frequencies3. APPLICATIONS OF MAGNETRON4. Radar Block Diagram and Operation5. Applications of Radar6. History of Radar Development7. Simple form of Radar Equation8. Prediction of Range performance9. Minimum Detectable Signal10. Receiver Noise and Expression for minimum detectable Signal11. Pulse repetition frequency & range ambiguities12. Integration of Radar Pulses13. RADAR CROSS SECTION OF TARGET14. Cross-section fluctuation.15. System losses16. Transmitter Power17. Antenna Parameters18. Propagation Effects19. Signal to noise ratio20. INTRODUCTION TO RADAR TRANSMITTERS21. Types of Transmitter22. Radar Transmitter Parameters23. POWER SOURCES AND AMPLIFIERS24. The Magnetron Oscillator25. Klystron Amplifier26. Classification of Klystron Amplifier27. Application of Klystron Amplifier28. Traveling-wave-tube Amplifier29. Different Types of Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier30. Amplitron31. Stabilitron32. RADAR Modulators33. Line-type Modulator.34. Active-Switch Modulators35. Hard-tube Modulator36. Saturable-reactor Modulator37. Modulator Pulse Shape38. Solid-State Oscillators39. Thyratrons40. RADAR ANTENNAS.41. RADAR ANTENNA PARAMETERS42. PARABOLIC ANTENA43. Feeds for Paraboloids44. Scanning-feed Reflector Antennas45. Cassegrain Antenna46. Lens Antennas47. Array Antennas48. Cosecant-squared Antenna49. Radomes50. Aperture Antenna51. Different types of Antennas in RADAR SYSTEM52. Polarization53. Antenna Radiation54. The Doppler Effect55. CW Radar56. Range and Doppler Measurement57. Frequency-modulated RADAR58. FM-CW radar using sideband superheterodyne receiver59. FM-CW radar with signal-following superheterodyne receiver60. FM-CW technique for eliminating the fixed error61. Double-modulated FM radar62. Multiple Frequency CW Radar63. Moving-target-indication (MTI) Radar64. MTI receiver with delay-line canceler65. MTI radar with power amplifier transmitter66. MTI radar with power oscillator transmitter67. Delay Lines and Cancelers68. Delay-line Construction69. Filter Characteristics of the Delay-line Canceler70. Blind Speeds71. Response of Single-delay-line Canceler

Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.

Radar & Sonar Engineering is part of electronics, communication, Aerospace engineering education courses and technology degree programs at various universities.

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