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Radio Tuner

This app will tune in to any radio station online with enhanced output quality. We Have Radios from-Kenya-Uganda-United Kingdoms-United States Of Amerika-Senegal

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (8)

Dav. D. May 12, 2015     

Claim to be English yet neglect the definition. This is a streamer not a frequency tuned application stop with this crap.

Sha. W. Jun 7, 2016     

No tuner at all. Just prechosen list.

Ran. #. Aug 27, 2016     

What's this !!! If you can't operate a functnal application , then. Remove it !!!

Mat. W. Feb 24, 2016     

Another joke

Dan. M. Jan 5, 2016     

I hear just a second of the song. And then it shuts down.

JAc. t. Mar 31, 2015     

Good job in all I just have one problem I can't find my favorite radio station lol but the other ones work so pretty good job

A. G. u. Jan 27, 2016     

Can't get past splash screen before crashing and force closing

zac. B. Jul 22, 2016     

Hated it