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Radio USA

Radio USA is the radio application that everyone expects, light and fast.
Radio USA features:

Save your favorite radio stations which will be at the top of listSearch for a specific radioAnd of course, listen to radios

Don't wait any longer, it is the perfect application for youDownload without further delay Radio USA

Attention: An internet connection is required

List of radio stations:

Hot 93.1Kiss FMBBC World ServiceHot 104.5105.9 KISS-FMmyTalk 107.1Hot 103.597 CountryComedy 103.1News Radio 9597.5 HOT103.9Classic Hits 93.1ESPN New YorkThe BeatChicago Public RadioHot 107.1The MIXNPR (National Public Radio)107.9 Mix FMPower 98.3Rock 108Talk 1260181.FM
- The Beat (HipHop/R&B)Classic Hits 93.9Hot 102.9Jazz24Country Legends 100.989.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOVWild 96.7Hot 97.5Big Oldies 107.3Soft Rock 106.5K-LOVE RadioPop FMNews Radio 590Hot 103.995.7 FM News/Talk WHIOEasy Rock 105.1Amor 93.1Conservative Talk 94.5 FMHot 107.9Mega 97.9 FMThe Country GiantChicago's 100.3Hot 96.7La RazaSalsa 98.1B96.5Kissin 92.598 RockFoxy 99NewsTalk 99.1News Radio 950Bluegrass CountrySolamente ExitosHot Jamz Radio 88.9 & 94.5 FMClassical MPRHot 105.595.7 The RockThe WolfLa Nueva 94SmoothJazz.comMagic 101.3Star 102.1News Talk 1380K-Rock 101.5RADIO IQ with BBCJazz 91La Jota MexicanaEl GatoClassic Hits 107.999 JamsNewsTalk 1320SKY.FM Radio
- Classic RapLa MegaPlanet 106.791.1 K-LOVE Radio KLDVFederal News RadioNewsTalk 93.1Hawk Country 107Country Legends 96.7WNYC-FMESPN Los AngelesOldies 1400News 96.5 WDBOThe RockFM 100.3WNYC-AMSan Diego's Jazz 88.3The Eaglechannel 94.1Rock 102Solid Gospel 105La BombaMix 98.7WHYY-FMJ-Pop 97.1Mix 95.1ROCK 106.1Cat Country 98.7La PoderosaTrue Oldies 104.9The X-FactorSoul 106.394 RockLa InvasoraMOViN 92.5River CountryPower 92Rock 107Mix 103.1Classic 98 Rock181.FM
- Christmas ClassicsWTOPSoft Sunday SoundsNews Radio 1150Mix 97.7Hawaii Public Radio
- KIPOFox Radio 910La LEYC-SPAN RadioThe Drive 97.1FMGospel Highway ElevenMix 101.5La TricolorStar 92.9News Talk 1340Super Estrella 107.1La MejorJazz WyomingThe BullVoice of Russia
- English (USA)FM NewsTalk 97.1Jazz88 FMEl Rey 1360JosΓ© 93.9NEPR News NetworkEl Gato 103.1Exa FM Las VegasCat Country 98.1Classical 90.7Talk 540The MonkeyClassical Public RadioClassic Hits 107.9 WNCTMy Praise FMGospel 1300Jazz 88.1METRO FM997 DJXZ92 MiamiClick 98.9 FMClassical 90.5La Mega MundialAM 820 NewsNew England Public RadioTha BeatLa Z 94.3 FMCNN 650 Radio News
- KIKKThe 1920's Radio Network100.3 The SoundNOAA Weather Radio104.7 Mix-FMJosΓ© FMFox Sports Radio 1340Classical 101B97 Classic HitsSmile FM98 RocksKELO News TalkThe Eagle 106.9La Zeta 93107.5 The QRock 9288.9 K-LOVE Radio KYLVKSL NewsradioReal Rock 103.9 The BearHot 101.9Moody Radio FloridaHot 103El Zol107.3 KROCKLa Super CalientePraise 106.5Kix 102.5The MaxMix 95.9KPBS-FMCoal Country 96.5Bob FMThe VibeWired 96.5Radio Free 102.3Today's Easy 99.1Now 97.9The TruthLa ZetaCountry 96WKSU News Channel101.9 Kiss FMMy 105.9ESPN 850My 102.7News 95.7 WHIOK-HitsK104All Classical PortlandMoney Matters BostonBig DogFolk AlleyThe FoxRitmo 96 FMZ 95.3COOL 102The WordAM 1190 NewsWGBHThe Rose710 ESPN SeattleThe Light98KUPDStar 99.7Lite 96.9St. Louis Public RadioThe Bear 101.3ESPN ChicagoThe WaveSunny 99.1
- KODATimeless Favorites 540AMKQED-FMEagle 98.1Iowa Public Radio NewsESPN Deportes New YorkThe Big DMMagic 97.7Q-102.9KNEWSWNPRRadio Ambiente 1030amThe EdgeRadio Maria (USA)WOKVWOWO News/Talk 1190 AM & 92.3 FMWarm 106.9NewsRadio 90.7 HD-3WGNThe Mormon ChannelFM 96Jammin 107.7JPR News & InformationRussian Radio7Spirit 105.3The ClassicCapital Public RadioHis RadioSports Radio 810KBYU-FM Classical 89Michigan RadioGrace FMY107

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Hay. J. May 7, 2022     

Really enjoying this app. Liked the features which i did not expect, Such as last songs listened to, a timer, and alarm. Some times theres a break in service but that might not be due to the app and more my wifi range. From the UK so can listen to some US shows and Sports coverage that i want and have wanted to and would have to pay for or find it difficult to otherwise. What an age we live in πŸ˜€ A great app. Well done guys! Thanks you.

Rob. S. Apr 9, 2022     

So many share similar names, but this is the one I ended up keeping! What sets it apart is the variety and the fact that I can save my favorites and have them appear in a list right at the top when I start the app. Minimal intrusions and there's tons of commercial free stations. Most are 128bit but there are a few 320bit too. Hopefully more will upgrade their output. I found a bunch of Metal stations with a wide variety of songs many I never heard.πŸ†“πŸ‘πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸ”ŠπŸ†’

Tam. W. Feb 11, 2022     

The best radio station I have listened to in years. A really great variety of songs for the listeners to enjoy. Some stations continue to play tracks of repeated songs over and over and only the new. This era of music gave us their best! You can just get up and dance and sing to the songs. The songs of this era gave people true feeling what you as person felt happy or sad. They make sense not like some of today's music. Way to go and thanks! I hope this station has continued success.

She. O. Apr 13, 2022     

1 Word OMG this was my first choice after reading different reviews I was skeptic of what I'd find in music and of this station here but after seeing that it had good reviews I was pleased with the decision that I had installed it I love everything about it it's beyond 5 stars and more there are songs I've been wanting to hear and finally found them I got so many choices of radio stations and the music is incredible I will never uninstall this app you guys rock thank you Radio USA so AWESOME!!!.

Jos. J. May 2, 2022     

You pay to remove pop-up ads, and then you still have to close a pop-up asking for a review every time you open the app. Here's your review. It would be higher because it's a great app, but the review pop-up is annoying after paying to supposedly remove them.

R. P. Apr 28, 2022     

Nice app. The alarm function actually works unlike so many others. Clean easy to use interface. Had station that wasn't working and it was fixed in under 4 hours!

Sil. J. Feb 26, 2022     

Wow. I can like really really listened to my favourite oldies rock from my best radio stations back home. One good thing is that you can also download these recent songs as it comes with titles and much more. Best App indeed.

Dan. E. May 23, 2022     

The volume knob on my radio is broken so I downloaded this app that way I can control my volume and still listen to the radio stations I love. And a plus is, there are so many different and new radio stations I can listen to now.

Moh. A. Feb 22, 2022     

I think it's a perfect app and would be great for those who are attempting to learn the real U.S. English. With lots of programmes and channels, you can choose axactly what you want and listen πŸ‘‚. Thanks to Radio USA Team and Thanks to the best app of the world: GOOGLE PLAY

Sou. M. K. Feb 20, 2022     

I love to listen to radio, since my childhood I've been growing up listing to it. I listen to Christian radio channels like K-Love & Adventist Angel Watchman Radio. But I have only one concern, I cannot share the particular radio channels with my friends and my family. I directly shares the app. If there was any possibility of sharing the particular channel it would be great. All-over it is a great app for all type of genere of music be found. I have the paid version, it's great. πŸ‘

joh. A. Dec 21, 2021     

Great app. Never pauses and plays well. I've used many radio apps, but they were not good. This one I would recommend to everybody. Lots of different music to choose from too. Cheers.

Ken. E. Jan 15, 2022     

Easy and Convenient. I like being able to filter the stations by type, genres, or location. Ads are present, but not excessive. Loads fast and switches quickly between stations.

Abd. M. Mar 16, 2022     

Im trying to hone my listening skill and I use this app at times, it's awesome coz i get to have a wide range of topics to listen and im totally satisfied with it. I recommend that everybody have it in their apps if they need a radio.

Qui. G. Jan 25, 2022     

Decent selection of radio station, could use more. There's not very many podcasts, esp. from African-American sources. Downside is th@ some stations go offline in this app. So, I'll give you 3 stars for now.

Aar. C. Jan 9, 2022     

Love this app, and the comedy stations are much better than the British stations. The music channels are much better too. I'd recommend it to everyone. 1,000 % many thanks.

Ven. K. Jan 3, 2022     

One of the best Music app.. This has contents for age and music taste. The list of radio channels goes on......doesn't end. All the best guys. Keep it upπŸ‘

Mar. G. Apr 18, 2022     

Solo guitar brings relevant stations. Piano lists stations of various styles. Simple and the easiest to use. Highly recommend.

Arm. R. Sep 12, 2020     

Personally, I'm the no. 1 big fan of this app. Why not? This app is a quintessential of what, I think, all the radio stations in USA meet in one platform. As a user I'm grateful for being pampered by its plethora of choices and yeah, great features that make it straightforward and breeze to navigate. Not to mention, the quality of its reception is superb, that contributes to clear-crispy sound as though listening to high-end stereo sound system. With that, I specially thank you, guys.

Mic. C. Nov 10, 2021     

Fantastic app. I've tried a bunch of radio apps, and this is, by far, my favorite. Outstanding selection, easy to use, and all the additional tools I look for. My only complaints are that I haven't found a way to reorder or categorize favorites, I would love to see a unified international version rather than separate apps for each region, and lastly it keeps asking me to rate it 5 stars (a pet peeve of mine that kept me from rating it at all for a long time).

Joh. S. Jul 22, 2020     

There are some serious problems with this app. The biggest is that with recent updates, it is no longer possible to see the last 5 or so stations in your list, unless you hit the X button to stop playback. Happens even in portrait view on slightly smaller tablets. It is impossible to organize stations as you want them, and they randomly reorganize. Very annoying. There is a huge amount of wasted space, both vertical & horizontal. Enough to show at least 4x as many stations. I hate scrolling!

Jay. C. Oct 6, 2020     

Good selection for being a free app. I listen everyday. Enjoy playing music in the background while working from home. I have music apps with no commercials oe talking, but there's just something I like about hearing the radio jockey every now and then. Takes me back in time. I do wish there was at least 1 more alarm so I set a different alarms for weekends and week days. Thanks for the great app!

kfb. Feb 22, 2021     

Love this app! Found 90 percent of the local stations I listen to. Some offered different bitrates. Nice touch in finding a lot of OTR channels as well. Sounds fantastic on my bluetooth speaker at my work station. My coworkers have been asking me where I get my music. Can't say enough good things about the app. Yes, I bought the ad free version after using the free ad one. Worth every penny. Keep up the great work!!

Ric. E. Jun 17, 2019     

APP seems pretty good at locating stations across the country. I use it to access different NPR stations to listen to programs other than local time. Problem I had was turning the player off when I exited the APP. It kept playing after the appalled and I had to force stop it. Update. I discovered the off button and it fixed the problem. The interface to find stations and genres is good. Upgrading to 5 ⭐ stars.

Dou. J. Apr 24, 2021     

I enjoy this app it allows me to find music I'm interested in and even a few stations from cities I've left behind. The sound quality on everything I've chosen has been good. Plays well in the background and lock screen with controls visible on the lock screen. My only compliant or issue is the search function is far from intuitive making it a bit of a harder to find a few stations.

The. M. May 10, 2021     

I usually don't rate apps. This one i will. The ads are unobtrusive. However, for all the stations you get it is definitely worth the $2 to get rid of the the added ads. All national , regional and local stations have ads. Turn on any station on your radio. I REALLY hate to have more. I will update in a few days. It also great to be able to stations from past cities and cities I have never been to.$2 NO NEW ADDED ADVERTISEMENTS!

Erm. S. Dec 16, 2019     

Great experience. MANY available genre options. Only a few adverts. Good choices of music and performers offered. I enjoy. This is the first radio app that I have downloaded to my cell so I cannot do comparative analysis. However, one feature I really like is that ir continues playing when you go to Google, play a game, open AOL or whatever. You must physically 'turn off' the aired station to close the music. Neat. I like that! Perhaps I'm naive to app functions, but this one suits MY needs

Ana. P. Dec 17, 2021     

I am very pleased. I was easily able to find 2 classical radio stations here in San Francisco. Excellent reception. Playing on my Bluetooth speaker now. Thank you.

Art. G. Jun 23, 2021     

After a few weeks, downgraded from 5 to 1. Stations get stuck into a 5 second loop. Really bad. Unless they fix, I will uninstall. Last update Mar, 2021. Searching for a new app. Positives-Found ALL my local stations and works with Android Auto. Feature Request - add ability to custom re-order Favorites list. Thanks!

Jud. M. May 2, 2022     

I just started listening to this app so that when I'm with my Ex -Husband riding in the truck I have something different to listen to instead of him. I know it sounds mean but I have my reasons.

Far. W. Mar 25, 2022     

Very good app for tkose who likes to listen to the radio and it's good for the non native to improve their English skills.