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Rainbow Racing

You will not believe your eyes as a rainbow magically appears in front of you, and then The Drip Drops® appear! 3,2,1,Go! ....Now you are racing on a magical rainbow that navigates its way through YOUR environment. Collect the letters to make words, avoid grumpy old Mr. Cloudy and find the speed boosters to get to the end with The Drip Drops®. This game is designed to support The Drip Drops® curriculum and challenges children of all ages in a fun and visually mind bending way!

Category : Racing

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Reviews (30)

Jes. H. Mar 3, 2014     

It is ok T the first bit but after the finish line and when you turn around don't know what to do

Alt. S. May 26, 2014     

I love this game is at the little guy that was my brother is going to get to see if we don't want to do it again soon as you are you up and my mom said she was even more about this page is not affiliated companies use of the little things that make up duck you too baby I'm trying Eduardo and the.

Joy. B. May 8, 2014     

I was not able to play it do not ever get it. Iwish u could score lower than poor.

Nar. B. Jun 28, 2014     

Don't download this game it will have you waiting for hours or mabey even days

Mik. C. May 7, 2014     


Dem. D. Sep 21, 2014     

It keep saying rainbow race has stopped plsyin on my device

Mar. W. Feb 17, 2015     

I just do not like it because it slow and when I end it and I have 1 empty it was so slow

She. K. Jan 1, 2014     

Screen goes black at the end of race...

Eya. P. May 16, 2014     

Dont bother installing extremly laggy and boring

Dom. S. Mar 30, 2014     

It dose not do what u want and p.s not download it ok

pho. t. Sep 19, 2014     

That's weird. Because it downloaded for my little girl.

Jea. J. E. Apr 20, 2014     

Hey guys... Don't you ever waste your precious time installing it. I can't install it. I installs it all over again. Will you please fix this thing??? If you didn't fix it, I will uninstall the other apps from drip drops. Well, anyway, I love the other games of drip drops. But that doesn't mean that I am not angry. I am. So fix it.

Zam. Jan 25, 2014     

Not bad...but how comes it keeps freezing on my device

All. M. Feb 28, 2014     

It says it down loaded yet it didn't show up

Les. J. May 5, 2014     

I'm angry because its not instaling

Yah. G. Jul 12, 2014     

It is grest and the littel blue person is my favurit charecter

Zar. I. Jul 22, 2014     

but a little slow

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2016     

It would not let me play

Jem. A. Apr 13, 2014     

It froze at the end of the game

Gia. S. Apr 22, 2016     

I really love this game they are soooo cute breezies

Gai. M. A. U. Apr 10, 2014     

Their totally cute

Sar. S. t. Jun 12, 2014     

It's a very fun

KK. May 22, 2014     

I love all of them they all r cute

Fra. R. G. May 11, 2014     

I like this game because its cool

Jay. J. Jul 15, 2014     

Guys it is nice I can install it!

Kei. Apr 2, 2014     

the best game ever

Eyr. P. Feb 25, 2014     

I was play and play all times after then I was;opening it

Ger. F. Jun 20, 2015     

It's the best

Sal. Jul 22, 2013     

its not free just 1st level is free :(

Lex. S. Jan 13, 2016     

It is boring