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Random AA Topics

This app will suggest random topics for your AA discussion meeting. There are over 375 topics that will be displayed randomly, one at a time, with each press of the button.
Press the button until you find a topic on which you have information to share, or would like to learn more about at your meeting.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (8)

Kev. Jul 2, 2020     

This program has a lot of flexible uses, including just as a device to think about sobriety-related topics in a morning meditation

Chr. S. Feb 10, 2016     

Only problem Halt is not in the big book. We drink because we are alcoholic. Halt is excuse . We have a Disease like book tells us.Halt can't trigger us because there is no such thing as a trigger .Read the book. All the answers are there. One solution. Conscious contact with God. .<3

A. G. u. Mar 28, 2019     

As a Founder of established, Sobriety 101, at Kapolei Regional Park, seven days a week, I have come accross many word disputes. Keeping it simple, halt: to briskly stop, a must order self to stop. I think that it does not separate one from the choice of recognizing, any of the steps, or traditions. We are in this together, by:. Service, Unity, and Recovery.; Honesty, Openmindedness, and willingness. Allergy of the body, obcession of the mind, something had to be done. The 4 stars.#1. janlt

Art. W. Jan 10, 2017     

As mtg topics these are ok. I would also like an option to scroll the complete list. To the critical closed-minded; All AA published and approved literature are to be used for sobriety, not just those meager 164pp of the BBook. Read our mtg in print called The Grapevine, it has these topics in it and more, it is read in mtgs for topics. -16yrs-

AJ. S. May 21, 2015     

Not able to share with anyone.

Hul. S. P. C. t. W. Sep 7, 2016     

Did a round robin and had everyone had a random topic.

Bra. I. Dec 30, 2017     

Halt is in the big book

A. G. u. Feb 26, 2017     

Use this for any addition...