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Random List Match

Random List Match 's purpose is to randomly match 2 lists.

You can let the app automatically match the 2 lists for you or manually draw from boxes randomly ordered.

Examples of situation this app can be helpful:

1. Who is responsible for what task.
Ex) List 1 for names and list 2 for tasks.

2. Car pooling. Who is going with which car.
Ex) Lists can be formed as such.
Names: John, Mike, Jennifer, Linda
Cars: John's car, John's car, Linda's car, Linda's car

How to use:

1. Enter title for the result set and names for the 2 lists (optional). Hit Begin button.

2. Enter entries for the 2 lists. You will be able to proceed when you have entered the same number of entries for both lists.

3. Choose to either let the app automatically and quickly match the 2 lists or to manually draw from randomized boxes.

4a. If "Pick manually" is chosen, the app will display randomly ordered boxes representing the second list. The app will prompt entries in the first list to take turns to pick.

4b. The final result will be displayed.

5. Otherwise if automatic method is chosen, the app will simply display the result.

The results will be stored as history. They can be viewed from the top right icon in the first screen.

Category : Productivity

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