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Random Restaurant Picker

Tired of feeling the pressure of picking a restaurant? With Random Restaurant Picker your troubles will be solved! This app will pick a random restaurant that matches the filters you have chosen so you don't have to worry about making the decision of which restaurant you and your family or friends will pick to dine at.

If you do not like the restaurant picked by the randomizer just click the 'Pick Restaurant" button again or swipe left. If you want to see the restaurant that randomly popped up in the Yelp app just swipe the restaurant's information to the right. If you want to get directions to the restaurant click on the map and press the navigate button to start navigation to the chosen random restaurant from within the Google Maps app.

You can also like and dislike restaurants. Restaurants that are disliked will never be picked again by the randomizer. While the restaurants that you like can be searched randomly by themselves so you get a random restaurant that you know you will love!

-Randomize amongst up to 500 restaurants
-Filter the random search by entering a certain category e.g. BBQ Sushi or Italian
-Filter the random search by distance
-Filter the random search by price range
-Filter the random search by closing time so you don't have to worry about going to a restaurant that is already closed
-Filter the random search by rating
-Ability to like restaurants and search only your list of liked restaurants
-Ability to dislike restaurants and never have to see the restaurants again
-Ability to see history of restaurants randomly picked in case you want to go back to a restaurant that you did not favorite or you accidentally randomized again but decided you did want the previous restaurant
-Ability to access the randomly selected restaurants in Yelp, Google Maps or Uber straight from the app

Category : Food & Drink

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