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Random things (All Randomizer)

Make Random list and randomize it! With this app you can create lists of items, manage it and obtain a random result!

This app permits to create a list of items and get one of them as random.

Create a list
◇ Put items into a list and get one of them randomly
◇ Share lists with your social network

Save a list
◇ Save a list of items
◇ Enter a different title for a lists
◇ Re-Random saved lists

Util for...
◇ If you want to choice someone
◇ If you want to select a color
◇ If you don't know where go to dinner
◇ All that you can image!

Planning in future...
◇ Different types of random as numbers, lottery...

Enjoy my app amb rate it! :)

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Category : Tools

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