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Randomizer is a simple app for generating random values

- Generate random numbers in a specified range.
- Flip coins.
- Enter (and save) your own custom lists and generate random elements from them.
- Dark theme support.
- Advanced random number generation algorithm.
- Create secure, customizable, random passwords for your accounts.
- Roll one or more dice.
- Shake the device instead of using the buttons.
- Get random letters in various languages.
- Generate random colours in various formats.
- Generate random countries and learn more about them.
- Generate random dates and times.
- Get random chemical elements and read the corresponding Wikipedia articles.

The app currently supports English and Greek languages. Contact me if you would like to help with translating the app.

Randomizer is entirely free. No ads, no unnecessary permissions.

Join the beta program: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.giannis.randomize

Category : Tools

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