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Randomizer Elite

Randomizer Elite allows you to quickly shuffle, randomize, sort, or generate a response from your own lists and entered items. Now with the addition of great new randomization modes and features, Elite allows you to simply press the load list button and have all previously saved items filled back in! Have you ever had trouble deciding something and wanted help? Have you ever held a drawing or contest and needed an easy, fair way to pick a winner? How about an argument with someone that needed to be decided by an unbiased source, more fail-safe than "rock, paper, scissors"? Your answer to these problems and more, is the latest Randomizer application from Kwixo Designs!
You can use Randomizer Elite to:

• Simulate Rolling Dice
• Shuffle Students in a Class
• Alphabetize a List
• Choose a Contest Winner
• Generate "Flash Cards" for Studying
• Pick a Random Number
• Make a Simple Decision
• Answer a Yes or No Question
• Defuse a Debate
• Help Pick a Movie
• Decide Where to EatANYTHING! And because it's the ELITE version, you have so many more features at your fingertips!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Step 1) Enter desired items to randomize into the list or number range boxes.

Step 2) Check a mode to either generate a random number, have all items shuffled together, shuffled one-by-one, or just pick a single item from your list.

Step 3) Simply shake your phone or press the big "Randomize!" button to receive your result!------------------------------------------------------------------------

It couldn't be easier, and it's all at your service for only $1.25!

The possibilities are endless, and we hope our app helps you in whatever your endeavor may be.Please Rate & Review; we love your feedback!Feel free to email comments/bugs/ideas to our company address.

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