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Randomizer - Random Picker

Do you want to randomize anything and everything? Then this is the app for you.

Select between predefined elements for randomizing such as a random number generator or create your own list of items to randomize between.
Combine up to 3 elements in any way you like, to solve all your problems.

Are you looking to watch a movie and eat some sweets but can't decide what to watch and what to eat. Or are you looking to create a meal plan for the following week. Randomizer is here to help you.

You never have to make another decision.

• Select a random number between a min and max value
• Select a random date between a min and max value
• Select a random color
• Select a random value from your own custom lists
• Combine up to 3 random elements
• Generate random groups from a list of values
• Decide if you want to allow repeated values or if you want a new unique value every time

Category : Productivity

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