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raw2dng converts all major raw photo file-formats into Adobe's DNG format. These files maintain full raw quality but can be directly imported into Adobe's Lightroom Mobile. This enables a fully mobile raw workflow directly from camera into Adobe's Lightroom Mobile for Android and syncing through Adobe's Creative Cloud to other devices (e.g., Lightroom desktop).
Start categorizing/editing your pictures on the go, then continue at home. All without losing any quality of your raw files!

- Supports all major raw photo formats(*) and latest DNG-version (v1.4)
- Also supports conversion to JPEG/TIFF including full metadata
- Supports wifi-import on wifi-enabled Sony cameras
- no USB cable required to get raws into Lightroom
- Also supports copying raws without conversion
- backup your raws on your phone over wifi
- Is especially optimised for Sony's A7 (ILCE-7) camera
- supports CA and lens-correction profiles that Sony embeds in the raw-files
- Supports (optional) application of camera profile files (dcp-format)
- Can read raw files directly from a connected camera if mounted as USB mass storage

Please note that writing to external storage does not work currently!

(*) Many raw files from Fuji-cameras do not convert correctly due to their complex sensor mosaic pattern.

Disclaimer: Lightroom and Creative Cloud are trademarks of Adobe. This application is in no way associated with Adobe.

Category : Photography

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